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Galactic News Archive

Intergalactic Communication Authority Successfully Concludes Project Hermes with Final Long-range Beacon Expansion
War Vessels Stolen in Raid on ISC Depot
Absent Without Leave - High Guard Fleet Captain Discharged from Duty
A Firestorm of Chaos: Threats, Treason, and the Capture of a Praelor Commander
High Guard Leadership Summit Leads to New Horizons
Rumors Fly of Upcoming High Guard Press Release
The Dawn of a Bright New Trade
A Frightening Infestation
ICA Announces Second Long-range Beacon Expansion
"Connecting Acrylon" Initiative puts Princia in the Spotlight
BACK ISSUE: The Invasion of the Twelfth
Battlecruiser Production Resumes
Angelus Secondary Landing Site Gives Pilots a Taste of Desert Life
Griswold Opens with a Splash
Joint Statement Regarding Stolen Hale Starship
Blockade Blackout
Long-range Communication Beacons Partially Restored
Hale Putting the Spotlight on Invisible Praelor
Letter From the Editor Regarding Missing Ship
Missing Specialty Starship Spurs Worries of Praelor Reverse Engineering
Massive Praelor Invasion Repelled: Picking Up the Pieces
Research Reveals Potential End to Mutant Space Creature's Reign
AIE Pilot Becomes Public Enemy Number One
Miriani Under Construction: A New Beginning
Mutant Fuzzy Creatures on the Loose
Pilots Push Petition Forward
Firewater Tensions Rising
Outreach Mineral Processor Opens For Business
ISC File Petition, Seeks Boycott of Hale Mineral Exports
Outreach Mineral Processor Nearing Completion, Shipyards To Follow
High Guard to Unveil New Flagship
High Guard Strikes Major Blow Against Praelor - Commonwealth Condemns!
Seraphim Biotech Goes Public
ISC Recalls Power Supply Firmware
Alliance High Guard Announces Completion Of New Headquarters
Expansionist Stock Market Slumps 7% In Single Day, Outlook Grim
Hale Leadership Confirm Progress on Doomsday Weapon!
Praelor Activity Rises, Successful Counterattack On Hive World
Monsters in the Mist?
A Helping Hand
Hale-AIE Alliance Inaugurated
Tensions Escalate Between Alliances
Single Scientist Triggers Massive Praelor Invasion
Hale Uncovers Political Extremist: New Ways Of Salvaging Opened Up
Flames and Rescue at Remote Outpost 27
Praelor reinforcements destroy mission ship - increasing Praelor intelligence?
The Truth About The CPU Nanovirus - Interdictors Obsolete?!
Reformist Candidates Left With Clear Edge As Elections Wind To A Close
Tandem Praelor Invasion Causes Serious Damage
Voting Update
Voting On Praelor-Human Station Begins
Sector 24: Black Hole!
Alliance Leaders Found Dead
Dozens Of High Guard Ships Lost - Trouble Brewing On Praelor Front?
High Guard Declares State of Emergency
1500 Dead in Solaris Station Massacre
Meteoric Rise In Bardenium Prices As Mining Market Crumbles
Brave Pilots Repel CTN Invasion, Counterattack Military Base
Pilots Repel Massive CTN Attack, Heavy Losses Sustained
Terrorists Thwarted in Sector Two
Police Brutality Charges Dropped
Shots Fired at Jupiter Rally
High Guard and the Alliances Stepping Up Capital Defense
Hale and Commonwealth relations plummet.
Space Cats! Galactic scourge or cuddly pet?
High Guard Captain Arrested for Treason
Intergalactic Transport Pod Network
Long-range communications beacons silenced.
Peace Talks Silenced by CTN Terrorists
Zander's Neutrality
ISC Thefts
Communication Beacons Under Attack
Calling Adventurous Souls
Commonwealth Research Yields Results At Last!
Increased Praelor Activity
Next Generation Wormhole Drives
Attack on Praelor Monitoring Station
High Guard Assault
Praelor Attacks in Sector 13, 19, and 30
Galactic News

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