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A Frightening Infestation

Recently, alliance pilots began to notice Increased invasions in local space. These random, frequent invasions continued for several weeks. The Praelor sent ships of the Resati class to recon alliance space and send valuable information back to their fleets. During one such invasion, Praelor raided Research Station Omega. It was revealed by researchers on the station that classified technology had been stolen.
Soon after the theft, anomalies began appearing in local space alongside hordes of Praelor ships. The classified technology stolen from the research station was designed to create an energy disturbance which would, in time, stabilize into a wormhole allowing for long-range travel. The Praelor eventually succeeded in creating a wormhole that connected one of their hive worlds to Sector 15 in local space. Over the next days, the Praelor used the wormhole to send invading fleets directly from Praelor space into human space.
Despite warnings from high Guard Captain Colin Torres discouraging people from using the wormhole, a large number of BC pilots chose to take their battlecruisers with full crews through the wormhole. This action left Local space mostly defenseless, and the crews were trapped in Praelor space due to the strange wormhole's unstable nature.
The following day, Captain Colin Torres commanded a small crew and a group of researchers on a mission into Praelor space to assist the lost pilots. They were able to locate the crews and missing ships on an asteroid, and together they return to local space after the HG researchers manage to stabilize the wormhole. During this mission, pilots also spotted the station which researchers believe had the stolen technology sequestered somewhere inside.
Once the pilots and crews of the hasty scouting mission had been rescued, High Guard devised a plan to strike back against Praelor in the heart of their space. Licensed BC pilots were briefed on the mission and asked to gather crew. The High Guard spent days preparing technology and flight plans for the mission while alliance pilots maintained hourly patrols of local space, eager to keep watch on this new unstable threat to our civilization. Armed with explosives and a determination to see the Praelor exterminated, Captain Torres and a crew of pilots flew back through the wormhole to take the fight directly to the Praelor's doorstep.

Dated: 02/22/2366

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