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Seraphim Biotech Goes Public

After a successful initial public offering this week, soaring biotechnology company Seraphim Biological Sciences Inc. (ASI: SBS) has taken a strong position in the Expansionist Stock Exchange. Founded in January 2355, the company's major contracts lie with the AIE Department of Defense and the High Guard's Praelor Research Taskforce. With earnings of over 145 billion credits in the first quarter alone, Seraphim looks to be a good investment for the future.

"Seraphim is currently working on projects which will make today's science fiction into tomorrow's modern conveniences," said CEO Abdul Qadir in a press conference earlier this week. The company's current research lies primarily in the nascent field of cybernetics, with a number of innovative prosthetic patents being filed by the company earlier in the year. Much of the company's income comes from its government defense contracts, however, with its retinue of expert biologists working not only with human considerations but also with Praelor. It is thought that Seraphim Biotech was instrumental in the development of the 'anti-Praelor' chemical weapons which are so essential to ground combat with the hostile alien species.

Whatever research is ongoing with the Praelor appears to be nearing a breakthrough. Sources in the High Guard suggest that the number of requisitions for live Praelor test subjects by the company has begun to decrease dramatically in the last few weeks, and the majority of the funds raised by the IPO earlier this week are being invested into new or expanded manufacturing facilities for the company. But whatever is being developed under these defense contracts is being kept well under wraps. News of a new weapon to use against the Praelor will certainly lift the spirits of those in outer alliance space, which has come under heavy attack lately.

The company has opened new offices for couriers on Quazicol in AIE space. It is thought that they will be hiring pilots soon.

Dated: 07/28/2358

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