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Increased Praelor Activity

In a recent trend of aggressiveness, the Praelor launched an invasion of several sectors yesterday, concentrating the bulk of their forces in sector 24, Alliance High Guard Command. At least forty Praelor Onati class starships jumped into the sector and began a merciless assault on the station, jumpgates, and human starships in the sector.

Three new Praelor starships also appeared sometime during the battle. Specific information on these ships is regrettably being withheld by High Guard officials, but the Galactic News has managed to discover the primary functions of the ships. The first, and perhaps most fierce, is the Potate. Witnesses described how the Potate launched up to ten smaller ships with surprising rapidity, launching more and more in a matter of minutes. The ships they launched, known as Bzani, appeared to be an immature version of the Bzzrs. This could be genetic manipulation or some new cloning technology to breed warriors to assist the Praelor, though at this time that is merely speculation. The final, and perhaps most worrying of all, is the Praelor Muzati, which appears to naturally generate an interdiction field.

This latest in a series of invasion attempts by the Praelor has led some to speculate that a larger plot may be at work. Fortunately, in each instance, the alliance pilots have been able to quickly organize themselves and put up a powerful defense, repelling the Praelor forces with surprising swiftness and effectiveness. The battles have not without losses, however. Reports indicate that numerous alliance starships have already been destroyed, including battlecruisers and gunships. If these attacks continue, it is feared that the alliances forces may be weakened and eventually overrun, paving the way for a Praelor invasion the likes of which we have never seen before.

Dated: 01/03/2354

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