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Joint Statement Regarding Stolen Hale Starship

After months of silence, High Guard Command and the Hale Collective have issued a joint statement today regarding the threat of stolen specialty technology. Michael Privett had this to say:

"After careful analysis of data blobs sent along by Alliance pilots during routine combat missions, and after correlating all of the available data from all other sources, we have been able to refine our analysis of the situation regarding the stolen Hale starship and the technology it contained.

Unfortunately, it seems the Praelor were able to do far more than reverse engineer the Obfuscation Field Generator. Reports suggest that they were able to decrypt and access the computer system aboard the ship. The majority of the data is, on the surface, seemingly quite inconsequential: Navigation data, basic starship specifications, communication relay logs, sensor telemetry, and potentially a disassembly of the starship's base operating system. However, in the hands of our enemies, it is nothing short of catastrophic.

We believe that, in concert with the data retrieved from the computer system, the Praelor will be able to utilize the OFG to create a much more dangerous weapon specifically targeting Alliance starships and facilities.

High Guard Command is working closely with the Interstellar Shipbuilding Corporation and the Hale Collective to ascertain specific threats and strategies to combat them.

We urge all Alliance pilots to remain vigilant and immediately report suspicious circumstances. Thanks to data retrieved from Alliance pilots, Leviathan patrols have been given an updated sensor profile to aid in detecting shrouded vessels, but it's entirely possible that the Praelor have, or will, adapt to these modifications. If you should see a Praelor ship classified by your sensors as Trajrrk, you can help our efforts by conducting detailed scans of it using the software available on Saturn in the Halocity research facility."

Dated: 08/18/2363

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