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High Guard Leadership Summit Leads to New Horizons

In recent correspondence with the department of public relations on Alliance High Guard command, structural changes have been evident. An administrative upheaval has been occurring since late December, as hostile threats mounted and the upper echelons of High Guard fought to meet the demand for qualified personnel. A shockingly transparent strategy conference held over the weekend of April 24-26 shed light on the taxed military organization's plans moving forward.

The opening remarks, scheduled to be delivered by High Guard Admiral Dean Cantrell, brought about the first shift as a never-before-seen gentleman with both more hair, and more pins on his uniform, took the podium. He spoke of a rapidly changing demand for soldiers and tacticians, and had much of the audience in an uproar with many of the internal policies that were posed moving forward. The summit, open to High Guard administrative personnel, the Pax diplomacy core, as well as key representatives from the governing bodies of each alliance, reached ground-breaking agreements that would change the way our leaders and allies interact.

An enlightening interview with the newly promoted General Norman Winstead, the Summit's keynote speaker, detailed some of the most immediate changes.

"Every cadet that enters military training is shocked," Winstead told our reporter. "They expect a thriving military with resources and personnel, but the crews in our barracks are dwindling with each year. You'd think that would be classified, and it was for a long time, but the only forces gaining footholds from the suppression of that knowledge are hostile. It has come time to employ every resource at our disposal, taking measures we never thought would be necessary. The first step in that process is the utilization of our civilian militia, a group that has supported our forces at home in excess of a decade with little measurable thanks or recognition. They will be hearing more from us shortly, but we will be taking steps to organize and reach out to them in the near future."

Finally, when asked about the absence of Admiral Dean Cantrell and his recent promotion, the imposing tactician responded with little more than a sly grin. "Isn't Dean Cantrell the newly hired deputy director of the intergalactic trade commission?"

Dated: 05/06/2366

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