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Praelor Attacks in Sector 13, 19, and 30

Venitia, July 4 - Sector 19, the home of the Interstellar Shipbuilding Corporation, fell under attack today by Praelor starships. The initial wave of the attack, led chiefly by Ontankas and Onati, caught the High Guard and private alliance members off guard. As the alliances struggled to mount a defense, the Praelor starships were able to destroy the Starship Construction Depot Alpha. An ISC spokeswoman informed the Galactic News that Construction Depot Alpha had been pulled from its regular shipbuilding duties in order to speed up construction of a new High Guard vessel, classified as the twenty-person Behemoth. No details on this starship are available at this time.

High Guard Intelligence speculates, however, that this attack was more to cut off the alliances' starship construction capabilities rather than a direct attack on the Behemoth. It is believed that this was an unfortunate coincidence, although inside sources in the High Guard inform us that it is a real possibility that there was a breach of internal security within the High Guard's Intelligence network and that classified information regarding the Behemoth was intercepted by the Praelor.

The attack was not limited to sector 19, however. Praelor starships also struck sectors 13 and 30, likely in an attempt to draw the defenses from sector 19, where two waves of Praelor ships had already attacked. The alliance members, however, remained in sector 19 and drove off the Praelor forces, which were led by the formidable Praelor Ohaxx. As far as High Guard scientists can ascertain, the Ohaxx appears to be a genetically modified Praelor Onati. The extent of the modification is unknown, although it is reported that the Ohaxx was able to reflect laser turret fire back at the attacking starships and had an unusually strong hull. It is believed that the Praelor are breeding more of these starships and that this wave of attacks was an attempt at testing their capabilities.

The aftermath of the attack has left a lot of people nervous as to the future security of the ISC. Many believe that the ISC should break up its shipbuilding facilities into other sectors, while others believe that a stronger presence in sector 19 is required. There is no word yet, however, as to what the ISC plans to do in regards to the security of the shipyards. The only word coming from sector 19 is that repairs to Construction Depot Alpha have already begun and that they plan to have it back in operation within the week.

Dated: 07/04/2353

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