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Angelus Secondary Landing Site Gives Pilots a Taste of Desert Life

In a controversial move which has local ranchers and farmers up in arms, the global governing body of Angelus green lighted a secondary landing site earlier today. The capital planet of the Commonwealth alliance draws pilots from across the galaxy to its sprawling pyramidal spaceport which boasts modern facilities for pilots and governing officials alike. On Sunday, Black Sands Point was opened to the public, and its landing site was officially registered with Angelus flight control.
Black Sands Point is a desert community located in the northeastern quadrant of the planet. Half a world away from the urban center surrounding the spaceport, Black Sands Point is a small town nestled in the desert foothills of a small mountain range. What once was a dot on the map has grown over the past few years into a thriving community focused on green living and clean energy. Regional government officials are hoping that the down-to-earth lifestyle will draw tourists into the little town and draw their credits into Commonwealth banks.
The agricultural community opposed the move in a series of town halls held over the past two years. Concerns about increased air traffic and the potential for urban sprawl dominated the debates. The Commonwealth has always had a strong foundation in agriculture, and some see the secondary landing site as a government ploy to gain credits at the expense of the people. For now, visiting pilots seem enchanted with the rough-and-tumble community, and there has been no comment from government officials about expanding interalliance access to other areas of Angelus at this time.

Dated: 03/11/2364

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