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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Improved Bardenium refineries and enhanced excavation unit construction facilities are now available for purchase at Remote Outpost 3.
  • Produced mining equipment can now be sold in Upgrade Sales Facilities.


  • You may now entitle asteroid mining excavation units and asteroid mining storage towers.
  • The Vehicle Computer Interface now works with asteroid rovers as well.


  • Individuals that enjoy asteroid mining may now obtain chips to produce charge boosters 6 times more efficent than the standard at Outreach Mineral Processor.


  • Added a number of new deep space (out of comms) artifacts for discovery.


  • Addressed a few bugs that allowed babies to stay inside ships when main power was cut.


  • You can now have an asteroid mining warehouse in your private space station, moon, and planet. Read post 98562 for further details.


  • The WORTH command in starship stores now displays how many points and combat points the ship and its upgrades are worth.


  • When auctioning an item or property, entering a blank line as a minimum bid will now set the minimum bid to the default instead of causing a big, scary traceback.


  • Recharging a powered down ship via the recharge command when standing on a landing pad now powers it up.


  • When changing your gender on Syrgyria, you will now be warned if you can't change your name due to having done so less than six months before.

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