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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Updated the text of Policy 6 with information about restoring characters from the login screen.


  • Added a RELOCATE command to passenger transport stations to move passengers from one ship to another.


  • Possibly fixed pets who refuse to wander back into a room they were last in under specific conditions.
  • Over a decade later, artifact containers containing only fuzzy corpses can now be researched by those with less than 300 points. For real this time.


  • You can now import ambience message sets from different rooms in the same structure when designing in an architectural simulator.


  • More toilet love. It is no longer possible for more than one person to plunge a clogged toilet. Thanks Brian for helping find this bug.


  • Years late here, but it should no longer be possible to double fill bathtubs.
  • You will no longer get taste messages after attempting to drink unopened bottles of liquids that have them.
  • It is now possible to purchase food/drink/paper resupplies from Empanda Station, for all of your food/drink/paper robot resupplying needs.
  • You can now set the default scooping range when using the scoop command through vehicle-o inside a salvager's cockpit.
  • Toilet use messages have been updated. We've finally entered modern times here, folks.


  • Fixed non-binary pluralization for a significant chunk of gender-aware messages. Please continue to REPORT oddities as they appear.
  • Starships in anomalies, much like nebulas, are now immune to long-range sensors.


  • Anomalies now reak havoc on long-range sensors in strange and mysterious ways.


  • 'MAKE ALL' in a ship store (or selecting 'All' from the menu) will now give you a box containing keys to every starship you own. For a modest fee.


  • Added AUTHORIZE and DEAUTHORIZE commands (or ALLOW and UNALLOW, if that's your thing) to private organization offices, which let you grant and revoke permission for people to enter, respectively.

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