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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • You can now view doors in a room's description. You can include doors in your look-options for the change to take effect. Biometric locks are also included.


  • The TAG command now detects contraband aboard ships that are docked within other ships. (This restores some balance to smuggling now that you can easily dock ships on the ground.)


  • You can now use ATSM or debris, shortened to deb, to view a list of directions to the debris pieces present in an atmospheric salvaging sector.


  • The battlecruiser test now checks to make sure someone has enough credits to retake the test instead of happily settling for whatever it can get.


  • You no longer have to remove the augmented scoop range before you can buy a greater one.
  • You can now use direction aliases such as "nw" or "se" when using the scoop command.


  • New atmospheric salvaging changes have been added. Refer to board post 99031 for more details.


  • Medical centers now remove all first aid treatments before healing injuries.


  • soundpack maintainers can now explicitly set a meta frequency channel users can refer to.


  • Added HELP INTRUDERS to condense some pieces of otherwise fragmented basic information.


  • Resolved some issues with the game getting confused when clipping a communicator to a belt and then trying to wear another. Also added a warning when removing a belt if your communicator is clipped to it.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom starmap symbol color for planets wouldn't apply properly.
  • Out of band soundpack social messages are now always sent to the player who performed the social, even if they have socials gagged. This way you will always see AND hear your own socials.
  • Caretakers are now able to load inventory into mineral marketplaces.
  • Droids should now properly stop following someone if they're deauthorized from the owners list.
  • The infant sequencing lab now lets you choose between a baby and older-than-baby. No more need to add it as an extra request. babies woo

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