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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • The reverse room and area option once again works with locating ships.


  • Corrected an oversight in the Empanda robotics lab that caused cloned food robots not to inherit the ability to accept food or drink for resupplying.


  • Mounts now have their being led status cleared when the player they're following enters a ship's ducts.
  • Pets will now stop following when chasing after thrown toys.


  • Added the INVITE command to architectural design avatars, allowing them to invite people in the room to be visitors (not builders) in the simulation.


  • Added ITEM-OPTION 'Paginate Long Store Options Menus' to paginate long store options menus. It will allow you to paginate long store options menus by paginating long store options menus.
  • Added the PPD command to point centers, allowing you to view the number of points you've made in each category today. Or the last day you made points.


  • Valkyries will now face significant resistance (up to 30 ships) from the Ontanka when out of locals. Beware!


  • Escape pods now cause people to dismount properly.
  • Droids can no longer wear things that people shouldn't be able to wear.
  • Separated ears and shoulders into left and right ear and shoulder.


  • Added a LOCATE command to universal drone remotes for those of us who have trouble keeping track of what remotes go to what drones that share the same name. This only finds drones on your person and in your location.


  • Pets will no longer wander away if they're following someone.


  • The BEACONS command now lets you sort the list of beacons by x, y, or z coordinates using the BY argument. For example: beacons by x

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