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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • The information about vacation mode in policy 6, help vacation mode, and vacation mode itself is now synchronized.


  • It's now possible to PLACE pets on furniture. As with babies, PULL them to remove them from the furniture.


  • It is now possible to transfer minerals out of mining factories.


  • Introducing the GOLFCLAP social. Victor held a gun to my head and made me write it. So if you don't like it, blame him.


  • Relocation requests can now be submitted for houses, except you will have to do so from the Interstellar Construction Agency's Public Office located on Aquatimis.


  • Added the SLOWCLAP social. For those times when your friends mess up so badly that you just have to show it.


  • The SHOW command now accepts two new arguments: First, 'all' or 'here' or 'room' will spam all players in the room with whatever you want to show people. Second, you can now use a list of names to show something to those people. (e.g. show pants to syndra, fred, grepthar) Friendly reminder that ITEM-O 3 exists to ignore things people show you.


  • Added two new stores from which to peddle sculptures. The usual rules apply. Nothing obscene, nothing riddled with typos or misspellings, no violence.
  • Parachute soldiers gotten from Christmas crackers now have a small chance of doing something new and possibly exciting. Thanks to Brian for the devious suggestion.


  • Added the BLUBBER social. You know, for all you crybabies out there.


  • Tradesman lab certificate requests now get returned to the lab when cancelling them with the @crequest command instead of seeming to disappear into the void.

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