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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Vehicles will now automatically return to the ship if there is only one ship in the sector, rather than presenting a single-item menu.


  • It is now possible to strip only damaged armor components from the ablative armor store on Mars.
  • It's now possible to dump supplies from containers into food/paper bots.


  • You can now control whether your ship should use any applicable drives to move toward a jumpgate should the desired FTL destination not be in range through pilot options.
  • Complementary to the last change, it is also possible to set a distance threshold for when a drive should be used when moving towards a FTL jumpgate if the FTL destination is out of range through pilot options.
  • It is now possible to obtain damage of a single component. Example: DAM turret 2.


  • You may now use your vehicle to return from an atmosphere to a different ship, provided that you are the ship's owner or alternatively that your vehicle is allowed to return to that specific vessel. To manage the list of allowed vehicles you may use the menu command from the vehicle bay, which requires the vehicle computer interface to be installed.
  • You may now transfer ownership of a vehicle to another player, provided that you and the player in question are in the vehicle bay, you are the owner of the ship from where the transfer is being initiated, and the player meets all the requirements to receive the vehicle. You may initiate the transfer from the menu used to manage vehicles in the vehicle bay.


  • corrected an oversight that prevented the renaming of landing pads on private moons.
  • When importing room message sets, you will no longer be presented with the option to select all message sets from a room when you've already selected all available message sets. Also, you will no longer get a menu with no rooms to select once you've exhausted the menu of available rooms.


  • Selling atmospheric salvagers and combat vehicles no longer auto-deposits into insurance and other greedy funds.


  • Players can once again pilot atmospheric salvagers with upgrades they don't have the ranks for, assuming said upgrades have a passive effect such as additional storage. An example in policy 4 has been added to reflect this.


  • Bounty hunters will now no longer target ships indefinitely should they manage to make them angry. If a ship stays out of sight for a day, they'll forget about it. The time resets if the ship is spotted before then.


  • Beacon strength will now be generated dynamically based on how many other beacon-targeting ships are present in the sector, among other things.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow beacon defense missions to spawn more difficult-class (Onati, Onz and Onno) ships than expected.


  • Your number of successful beacon rescues will now appear under INFO achievements.

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