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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Scanning a ship will now show how many outbound atmospheric salvagers and atmospheric combat vehicles it has.


  • In theory, fixed an oversight with emoting children that allowed them to perform their emote even if they've wandered elsewhere.


  • POLICY 2 has been updated. Please read it at your earliest convenience.


  • Fixed a bug where an orgless person trying to file a bounty against another orgless person would report that those two people are in the same private organization and the claim would fail. Hogwash!


  • Fixed a bug where AI ships (simulated or otherwise) could mistakenly appear in your INFO list and/or affect your net worth.


  • Fixed a logic error that caused players flagged as terrorists and their ships to be unable to land on private structures.


  • Fixed a bug that would misleadingly show players that were banned from purchasing a battlecruiser as having a battlecruiser license.


  • A section on server restarts has been added to POLICY 9: Server, along with complementary examples.
  • Made @worth snappy.


  • Private structure STATUS reports have gotten a facelift. Sorry houses, no makeover for you.
  • The housecleaner maid service should now ignore security cameras. For real this time, guys. Really. Believe me.
  • Fixed some of the apartment complexses on Venus. They will no longer say they are full when they have no apartments.


  • The FREEPOINTS command no longer works while the starship is unpowered.

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