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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Service records for destroyed ships can now be printed up to six months after the ship's destruction. Some restrictions apply. See board post 38943 for details (replacing seven days with six months).


  • Empanda Station now has a lab for creating custom closets with compartments.
  • It should, probably, no longer be possible to pitch tents in showers.


  • Praelor troops are no longer able to scurry through locked biodoors.


  • It is now possible, for a modest fee, to transfer tuned frequencies on a metafrequency communicator to another.


  • Drones, being the unsophisticated dolts that they are, no longer recognize rocks as threats. (More advanced droids, however, still heroically help.) (Also rocks now smartly support the THROW verb. And pronouns.)


  • Drones and droids will now react to rocks being thrown at people.


  • Mounting a mount that has riders in your group will now remove said riders from your group instead of telling you that you need to disband.
  • Added a soundpack hook for flight control announcements. This should make it easier for soundpack makers to add sound support for custom flight control scanners.
  • The auction list (TR AUCTION LIST) is now sorted by expiry date.


  • Rebalanced the way collision damage is applied when hit by a push pulse or Praelor Natoznalk, as it pertains to one starship impacting another.


  • Because documentation is hard work and I didn't post this sooner, Christmas crackers now have the ability to be used properly. By which, I mean, you can either do it yourself, or ask a friend to participate with you.


  • The PACT and BACT commands will now respect spell-o 3 (Spellcheck Emotes).

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