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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • The GATE upgrade now allows you to use the MOVE command (or M for short) to move to a specific target in a sector without stopping NAVI / GATE first.
  • The WALK command now supports the MARK argument, similar to how the MAP command has always worked with the MARK command.
  • The Spatial Anomaly Scanner is now operational and available for purchase at a relatively reasonable price, at least in terms of credits.
  • Added Anomaly to starship notification options. This option will only appear if the ship has both Galactic Map Unit and Spatial Anomaly Scanner installed.


  • Added the GATE Unit upgrade.


  • It is now possible for NAVI to alter course without stopping the ship first by using the NAVI command.


  • A complete set of body armor should now (in theory) protect a dress or other types of full body clothing.
  • Improved the Starship Drive Engagement Matrix upgrade and updated its help file.
  • Added a tops list for radio transmissions, which you can access by typing @radios.


  • The DRONE command for launching combat drones now support arguments. Possible arguments include ALL, NONE, an item from the DRONE main menu, or anything that matches a valid target.
  • The LRL command (for auto-locking long-range laser) now lets you specify a target by providing the name as an argument.
  • Improved the Move feature of droid remotes. It now supports directional abbreviations such as nw, sw, e, s, n, etc.


  • It is now possible to follow somebody into space when they launch from the outer hull of a Praelor station.
  • Increased the storage capacity of the three-person antagonizer by 1500 units.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't send organization notifications to the primary owner of an organization if that notification is sent to admins only.


  • Fixed a bug in the fecho command that caused the filtered text to be repeated for the number of lines entered.
  • Fixed a rather nasty exploit that allowed players to enter any ship without a key. Big thanks goes to Devante McKenzie for finding and reporting it quickly.


  • Updated the help file about Planetary Mining.


  • The MAP and WALK commands now accept index-based matching, such as 1.stateroom, 2.corridor, and so on. You can also use just an integer followed by a dot to match with whichever room in your area that has that index.
  • It is no longer possible to pitch tents in mining sites. Sorry, you should be enjoying nature, not trying to camp in a dangerous tunnel.


  • Pilot NPCS no longer respond to possible challenges from a ship that indicates that it wasn't issuing a challenge for up to an hour.

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