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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Fixed a bug where architectural design simulators would fail to remember that a room was a raw materials marketplace node when expanding a previously compressed blueprint. In other news, marketplace nodes will no longer be quietly merged with the current room's parent. Selling raw minerals from your pool is assuredly a bad idea.


  • Praelor drop pods should no longer slam into your ship if you happen to land right after they've been launched.


  • Droids no longer lovingly hug the air in response to being hugged.


  • Raven is now up-to-date on all active Praelor classes, minus the Urmunati.


  • Moved eye and lip makeup into the base description near their appropriate body parts. Minor rearranging of player descriptions is ongoing and it's unlikely every little change will be logged. Keep an eye out!
  • Jewelry and select other "miscellaneous" articles of clothing now appear above the normal clothing line in player descriptions and indicate, however vaguely, where they're being worn.


  • Vanities now support painting the keratinous plates at the tips of your feet.


  • Fixed an oversight that meant manual movements were overriding push pulses of all kinds, including Onatoznalk and anomalies.
  • Jump Hub Station now has a starship hangar.


  • Fixed an oversight in the laser overdrive capacitors upgrade that caused it to not turn an empty room into a laser capacitance chamber when installing. It can also now be removed.


  • It is now possible for a ship with charge transfer couplings to DOCK with a Praelor dampening device and TRANSFER charge to it.


  • Have you ever wanted to include all of your friends in a massive group hug? Well now you can! Simply separate their names with commas when you use the familiar HUG social. You might even catch a random whiff of a random person in the group!
  • Following up on the most recent very useful changes, you can now also WAVE and SMILE at groups of objects. Furthermore, commas are no longer needed to separate objects. Spaces will suffice!
  • Added Praelor dampening devices. Consult the good ol' HELP command and the Lore shopping guide for more details.
  • You can now LOOK <parent> IN <container> to only look for specific types of objects inside of containers. Currently supported parents are: clothes, drinks, food, letters, notes, and remotes. (Suggestions for useful parents welcome.)
  • You can now SEARCH <container> FOR <string> to look for objects in <container> that match to <string>.

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