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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • You will no longer magically snatch planetary survey scans from the console in the control room if you happen to scan the planet from another room.


  • Finally fixed a very old bug in pool lockers that caused them to not deactivate forcefield spacesuits if they were clipped to belts, which caused players to believe that their forcefields were protecting them after putting their belts back on when they actually weren't. Thanks goes to Jaque Schnee for helping to track this down.


  • Pilot NPCs should no longer go after ships that aren't Praelor during an invasion.


  • You can now launch interdictors in simulated starships.
  • Removed the limitation that wouldn't let you launch proximity weapons if there were ships less than 6 units away.


  • It is now possible to pay to have droids removed from a private structure that is not a house. Sorry, house owners.


  • Deep fryers will no longer accept foods covered in spreads.


  • Fixed a bug that caused stun weapons not to lose shots when shooting someone with stun armor.


  • Added a TRANSFER command to washing machines to dump laundry into a nearby dryer.


  • Gunning NPCs should no longer fire on ships on combat missions or ships coming from combat missions.
  • HELP APPLICATION RESPONSE CODING has been updated to fall more in line with actual response codes.
  • Added another response code to application rejections.


  • Reverted the no food and drinks in containers change. It was more trouble than it was worth.

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