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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Atmospheric salvagers should no longer get stuck transferring if the ship is out of storage space in mid-transfer.


  • Added the AMINAUGHTY command to see if you are naughty or nice. This command is subject to removal.


  • The walk command should now work in simulators.


  • Increased the sale worth of salvagers to 50% instead of 15.


  • Pilot NPCs will now try to avoid proximity weapons when chasing people. The key word here is try. Have fun!
  • Pilot NPCs will now circle the place where their current target lands for a while if another enemy can't be found. No more launching and hoping to escape their wrath because they're some distance away.


  • Corrected a slight oversight that caused support fighters to be destroyed over and over again.


  • Pilot NPCs such as bounty hunters will now target ships if they are hit by proximity weapons launched by those ships. Be mindful of just leaving weapons around when NPCs are flying about.
  • Fixed a slight bug that would cause service records not to have valid bounties when they should.


  • Removed PA-CHECK/OOC-PA, and updated the warning displayed upon first using a ship or structure intercom.
  • Added a new ship/structure-wide OOC communication command, SOOC, and updated POLICY 3 with pertinent information. More details in board post 91202.


  • Updated the 'Treatment of Hosts' section and added a 'Treatment of Players' paragraph to POLICY 8 (Hosts). Announcement pending.
  • Added a few more examples to Policy 8 (Hosts).


  • Unknown starships no longer flee from Krenelia, and Krenelia no longer go after them.

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