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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Updated Policy 6 to include information about the purging of private funds of deleted players.


  • Added a DOCKED command to starship control rooms that tells you if the ship is currently docked to another ship.
  • The SLOCATE command now accepts 'mine' as an additional argument to only show ships that you own. e.g. SLOCATE ALL MINE, SLOCATE HERE MINE, etc.


  • Updated the section of the couriering help file about destroying courier ships of rival companies.


  • When disowning tradesman items, you can now choose to remove them from the game permanently instead of allowing others to adopt them. Please understand that this means they will be recycled and you won't be refunded a certificate or donator time. Do this at your own risk.
  • The Empanda Station security checkpoint will now check for active donators that are following for you and allow them to pass as well, rather than disbanding the whole group.


  • Added a game-wide OOC channel. See the OOC Channel help file or board post 93252 for more information on its usage.


  • Your character's options will now be used when using the Flexible Editor as a simulated avatar.


  • Hopefully fixed it so that more than one ship can't be assigned to the same ACV mission.


  • When using SCAN / FOCUS / MOVE, you can now use a number followed by a period to refer to items in the menu. For example, "focus 1." will focus the first starship in the sector.


  • Corrected a years old oversight in asteroid mining that caused dull drill bits to have no effect on an excavation unit's speed. Now there's a reason to replace those dull drill bits before they become critically dull!


  • You can now request a list of available replacement components from your friendly neighborhood aliens. (Note that this list will depend on the specific damage to your ship. No damage? Empty list.)

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