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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Added a few more examples to Policy 3 regarding the treatment of rerolls.


  • Added an INDUSTRY-GOAL (IGOAL for the lazy or short of hand) command that will, much like the other point goal commands, give you a summary of what you must complete prior to achieving a certain industry point level.


  • The REQUEST and RETRIEVE commands on keyrings have been merged. Now you can use either one for public or private garages.
  • Fixed requesting ships from keyrings that were clipped to belts.


  • Fixed a slight oversight with bulk freighters that allowed them to dock ships with docking bay masses larger than the available docking bay capacity shown in status. No more docking bulk freighters in bulk freighters.


  • The gadget bot creation lab now asks if the gadget bot should be wearable or not when creating a new one.


  • September now offers three levels of temporary protection against salvage lifeforms to protect even the fanciest of clothing.


  • Atmospheric salvagers (and friends) now announce to the control room when another starship enters the sector with the mothership (assuming its sensors are intact).


  • The tradesman adoption menu is now sorted into categories to make it easier to find a specific type of item.
  • Fixed the @WHERE command to no longer work if you're trying to use it outside of communications range.


  • Fixed some bugs that caused debris effects not to go off, which caused bardenium not to explode and stopped fuzzy creature encounters entirely.


  • You can now unload unsellable trade commodities on Shadius. It's unlikely you will profit but you'll make more than expelling!

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