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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Added the FLINCH social, as suggested by people who know who they are.
  • By popular demand, BLINK ME no longer causes players to flinch. You're welcome.


  • The Empanda robotics lab now knows all about programming robots to bake fortune cookies.


  • Message board options now show the current setting when available.


  • You may now transfer ownership of your lore computer to a person in your current location from the device's options.
  • A soundpack hook for weapon fires has been added. View help soundpack hooks for more information.
  • Internal stun turrets now take cover into account.


  • There is, at long last, a place to learn all about diving equipment! Simply locate your nearest diving gear store and talk to the possibly friendly sales clerk.


  • much like with plates, drink containers will now have their descriptions cleared when drinks are finished.


  • Updated the in-MOO spell checker to use the interactive spell checker found on ChatMUD. Added SPELL-O 10 (Use Invalid Input as a Manual Correction) and SPELL-O 11 if you hate everything and everyone. The interactive spell checker supports performing spell operations directly from the initial prompt, viewing a word within context, ignoring all instances of a word at once rather than choosing ignore on every single word, and more. Type "help" or "?" at a spell prompt for further details.


  • Soundpack hooks regarding atmospheric combat vehicles now properly show whether the vehicle is landed or in the atmosphere. Unlike atmosphere salvaging vehicles, the planet classification will not be shown.


  • Private station owners may now submit request to relocate the structure through their security center.


  • Purchasing starship avatars without first having RAVEN AI present will now fail.

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