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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Messages in history should now be properly filtered when viewed.


  • Freshly restored characters will now be moved to one of their owned ships if any were restored with them, rather than being placed on their capital planet's landing pad for the amusement of all.


  • Added @PENDING-DESCRIPTIONS (or @pending-d) to view, you know, pending descriptions.


  • Droids forcibly removed from private structure now go to their owner's alliance's capital planet's drone storage room rather than the random planet that nobody would ever think to go to look for them. Just so you know!
  • Private structure owners can now give loitering starships the boot from the convenience (or inconvenience) of the Aquatimis property office. See message board post 98258 for details.


  • Spaceport stun restrictions no longer apply if you have a valid smuggler ID scan somewhere in your inventory. Obviously you can only shoot the person identified by the scan.
  • Smuggler ID scans now plainly indicate whether or not they have expired when LOOKing at them. No more painful number crunching to figure it out.


  • Auctions with a deleted player as the high bidder will now fail and the item will be mailed to the owner.


  • The HEALTH command now shows when medical intervention is in play.
  • Added an upgrade for identifying artifacts with the SCAN command (assuming a research facility has encountered the artifact before).


  • Pax now offers private organization data access terminals (useful for accessing your organization menu from the comfort of your own organization meeting room). Additionally, knowing that you will no doubt be spending hours upon hours accessing those menus with all of your friends and family, it provides private organization restroom construction services.


  • Anomalies added to starship simulators now properly simulate sensor interference and other inconvenient effects. Existing simulators will need to remove and re-add any anomalies for this change to take effect.


  • Sick of asking a host to show you everything your baby can say? Introducing the BABYTALK command!

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