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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Fixed an oversight where the Angelus landing pad wasn't considered a spaceport room as far as stun jamming technology was concerned.
  • Fixed an exploit with security drones where it was possible to stun people in stun jammed rooms by moving in a peculiar way.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that would result in archaeology sites not regenerating properly.
  • Fixed (we hope) a bug that would occasionally cause tracebacks when walking through archaeology rooms, particularly if you were really hoofing it.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in long-range broadcasts causing an endless slurry of tracebacks.


  • Planets and space stations will now show the status of hostile military occupation, if any, in their SCAN readouts.


  • Increased the chance of receiving alien radio transmissions while out of comms slightly.


  • Praelor Muzano will no longer spawn out of comms unless you're in a battlecruiser.
  • The amount of Praelor ships one can receive out of comms is now directly proportional to the distance from local space. For every 5,000 lightyears, one ship will be added to the base amount (either 1 or 2). This means that, if you were 25,000 lightyears from known space, you could receive up to 7 Praelor ships in a single sector if random number generation isn't on your side.
  • The chance of an out of comms artifact being generated will now increase the further from local space you go.


  • The specialty scanners no longer fine stunned people when they're in a ship they're not authorized to fly, since they can't exactly fly when stunned.


  • Added headlights to levitating transporters(tm).
  • FTL jumps will no longer throw you off winged mounts, like hoverboards, hover chairs, levitating transporters, etc.


  • Add a 24-hour style option to COMM-O 10.


  • Expelling drones on Zander now unsets their guarding status.


  • Fixed an embarrassing bug where players who had an OOC identity set could upvote their own message board posts.


  • Fixed a bug in the auction terminal that would generate an error when trying to auction off a property.

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