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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • The DRAW command now accepts a weapon name as an argument. Standard matching disambiguation rules apply if multiple weapons of the same name are holstered. (e.g. draw 2.tur)


  • Added '@TRADING-PROFIT TOTAL' to show the top 10 players in terms of total lifetime trading profits.


  • Destination finders now include an asterisk next to sector names that are within FTL range of your ship. Assuming you're in a ship.
  • Added a PASSENGERS (or PASS for short) command to quickly and conveniently display a list of passengers on your ship, where they're going, and how long you have to take them there.


  • The SCAN ALL command now accepts an additional argument to filter the results by label. e.g. 'SCAN ALL DEBRIS' to only show debris.


  • Owners of rooms equipped with forum mode can now use '@SPEAKER BAN <person>' to prevent <person> from requesting the ability to speak. Repeating the command will reverse the ban.


  • Fixed a bug where unfilled oxygen tanks on air compressors would be invisible if the ship was powered down.
  • Quality of life improvements to trading: 1. If you only have one commodity to sell, it's automatically selected. 2. Hitting enter at the unit selection prompt will select the maximum number of units. 3. If you only have a single ship on the landing pad, it's automatically selected when buying or selling.
  • The BUY command in trading centers now accepts a commodity name as an argument. e.g. 'BUY TEA LEAVES'
  • Added @TRADING-PROFIT as a new tops list to track the most profitable trades.
  • ITPN stations now categorize private properties under a separate menu header from intrasector and galactic destinations.
  • ITPN stations now conceal private destinations that you don't have access to from appearing in the main menu.
  • Fixed a horrific error that would occur if you requested a list of categories from NIRP and had no other destinations added yet.


  • The POINTS command in starship stores now shows a 0-9 numeric rating for industry eligibility, similar to how industrial dispensation is displayed in upgrade stores. Additionally, fixed a bug where every ship after the freight carrier would show the industry warning despite not requiring it.
  • Fixed an issue with trading production where certain base commodities weren't regenerated in a timely manner.


  • Corrected some oversights in the infant genetic sequencing lab that could result in it thinking that you added actions and phrases when you hadn't.


  • Forget where you just came from? Yeah, me too. Introducing FLIGHTLOG (or FL or LOG or LOGS)! This handy command will show the last 20 or so places your ship happened to be and when it was there. From this point forward, since the data was unavailable prior to the implementation of the command.


  • Minor injuries will now gradually heal over time without medical intervention.
  • First aid kits are now available for assisting in the healing of some types of injury. They can be found in any standard supply store. Either USE <kit> to use it on yourself or USE <kit> ON <person> to use it on somebody else. You can CHECK <kit> to see how many supplies are remaining and purchase replacement supplies wherever first aid kits are sold.
  • All starships now come standard with an emergency first aid kit. To retrieve it, use the FIRSTAID command in a control room near you. To put it back, use the FIRSTAID command again.

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