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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Added the FINGERCROSS social. For those times you really hope something happens.


  • A new advanced combat mission has been added to Alliance High Guard Command. Be sure to read the mission briefing and have a ground crew ready before heading through the mission jumpgate.


  • Furniture created in architectural design simulators will no longer have the number of people able to sit on it repeated several times in the description.
  • Sanitation drones will now pick up rolling backpacks if left unattended on a ship for over an hour. If the bag is owned by the owner of the ship, the drone will ignore it. You can USE your sanitation drone to filter rolling bags if you don't want this behavior.


  • The Empanda Robotics lab now allows the creation of stationery robots. (Reports of oddities welcome!)
  • The Empanda Robotics lab now supports a number of shortcut commands to avoid going through the tedious main menu 3,000 times. Type SHORTCUT in the room to view the available commands.


  • The Empanda Robotics Lab now lets you specify the scent and taste of food, drink, and multislices.


  • Here by not-so-popular demand, we give you the BOO social.


  • Booting mounts no longer causes a traceback. Whoops!


  • Added INFO HALLOWEEN for sure to be delightful statistics on your yearly Halloween shenanigans.


  • Removed the menu of damaged components that would appear when you type REPAIR by itself in an engineering room.
  • Fixed a bug where Lore computers would purport to take a photograph of one thing and then, upon later inspection, reveal that it actually took a photo of something completely random. Note that existing photos are ruined forever, this only applies to new ones.
  • Removing clothing from someone's hand no longer rudely strips any clothing with the same layer they may be wearing and leaves it stuck in their inventory.


  • Pool lockers no longer shove pulse emitters up the noses of unfortunate players when retrieving their clothing.

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