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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Diving equipment bags will now remove weight belts if you're wearing one.


  • The Lore scratch pad now aborts if you exit the editor without entering any text.


  • Added the @EVENTS command to see a current in character event schedule. See board post 94578 for more information.
  • Added an 'All' option to vehicle rearm and repair, which will automatically check for and load all available options into the specified atmospheric combat vehicle.
  • Typing MAP ITPN will now make an attempt to find any ITPN stations in your current vicinity, even if ITPN is not in the name of the room.


  • Fixed a bug that caused secondary owners of apartments to be selected for charging rent before the primary owner.


  • Fixed a bug that caused vacuum-safe containers to be unsalvageable.


  • Buoys are now available for purchase on Pax in Sector 15.


  • Added a Praelor Scanner upgrade for detecting Praelor troops on planets, moons, and stations. The upgrade can also detect the presence of Praelor lifesigns aboard regular starships.
  • Added moons and warning buoys to starship notification options.
  • Added Experimental Weapon Sales to High Guard Command in Sector 12.
  • Uncharted sectors designated as Praelor Space will now be properly labelled as Praelor Space on starmap displays. Travelling through uncharted space in these regions will increase the max number of spawned Praelor ships to 30.


  • Fixed a dynamic room pathfinding issue that could cause asteroid rovers to move to the wrong coordinates or the TRACE command on asteroid lines to give bogus directions.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to duplicate the contents of their archaeology storage containers endlessly. Anyone who abused said bug instead of reporting it is hereby cursed for life, simply because I say so.


  • You will no longer magically snatch planetary survey scans from the console in the control room if you happen to scan the planet from another room.

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