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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Added BAWL social and communicator social.
  • The TRANSFER command will now prompt you for how many pieces of debris you want to transfer (if the condense option is enabled).


  • Starship simulator stores now sell highly reflective data discs to facilitate the transfer of settings from one device to another.


  • Owners of stations, moons, and planets can now change the clearance level of secondary landing pads from the Security Center. This option exists in the FLIGHT menu if you are an owner and the structure has one or more compatible secondary landing pads.


  • That one guy that retrieves tradesman items will no longer become stuck and confused after boarding ferries.


  • OOC, ROOC, and SOOC now support soundpack emote out-of-band messages when using a colon to emote.


  • Unwanted droids and drones can now be destroyed on Zander. Just look for the scary door at the back of the inventory return center and access the MENU.
  • When struck by a surge of energy from an anomaly, there is now a small chance that the ship's internal structure will be distorted for several minutes.


  • It should now be possible to dump archaeological artifacts from normal containers into archaeological artifact containers.


  • Changing the scent in a sauna while it's running will now change the scent of everyone inside it.


  • Cleaning a private structure now unregisters everyone from any mailboxes.


  • Darkened rooms may now receive slivers of light from adjacent rooms.
  • Added the COUNT SEATS on <furniture> command to quickly count how many people can sit or lie upon it. This may not work for sittable surfaces, such as tables or desks.

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