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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Hitting enter without providing an option at the 'Multiple landing sites' prompt when landing on Angelus will now default to the primary landing pad.


  • Tradesman design labs now require that an item is simulated before it can be submitted for approval. Changing an item in any way will unset its simulated status.


  • Fixed a 118 year old bug where being intoxicated would allow you to fire starship weapons twice in quick succession under very specific circumstances.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused unfinished tradesman items created in the tradesman labs to be recycled soon after being simulated.


  • Updated the code that handles the distinction of whether a sector allows firing or not. It is much more dynamic now, which should cut down on situations where hosts need to directly involve themselves to allow firing. Sectors with active enemies will always allow firing and, once all enemies have been dispatched, you will no longer be able to fire. A distinction is also made between weapons and video probes now; sectors that allow you to fire weapons simply because of enemies being present will no longer permit you to circumvent existing restrictions to launch video probes. (This change only really applies to the Central Jumpgate Hub, but I felt like being wordy.)


  • Planetary discoveries are now properly added to your achievements sheet. Consequently, @TOP-SURVEYED will now display slightly more useful data.


  • You can no longer access the TransLink network if you are aboard a cloaked ship. Similarly, people outside of the cloaked ship can no longer track people who are aboard a cloaked ship.
  • Fixed a bug where empty strollers being present wouldn't allow you to cycle an airlock.


  • It should no longer be possible to dump containers into earrings and communicators.


  • Removing doors from out and go exits will no longer cause horrific errors and leave the door in the next room intact.
  • Removed the dig out restriction from private stations.
  • Adding exits to existing rooms in a blueprint no longer adds the worth of those exits to the worth of the room. All rooms with a worth of over 10000000.0 credits have been set to 10000000.0 credits. Digging exits to an existing room still costs 5000000.0 credits if done outside of a blueprint.


  • Corrected the message you get when trying to request structural damage repairs from an unknown starship when you have no structural damage to repair.


  • The baby lab on Empanda Station will now ask you for a first name and append your surname when creating a baby or changing its appearance.

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