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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Renaming funds should now properly update the fund lists of those who have access to them. Have fund!


  • Recoded stun armor power pack recharging stations to behave more like diving air compressor stations. Now they shouldn't get stuck when powering down a ship while they charge power packs.


  • Fixed a bug in stores that caused extra spaces to appear in some things when none was chosen as an option.
  • Asteroid mining drill bits no longer save their loose status when detached, since attaching them should also make sure they're nice and tight. Why they did in the first place we will never know.


  • Architectural design simulator avatars can now use the ALL-ROOM-MESSAGES command to spam themselves with every room message in the simulator.


  • Added LONK as an alternative to LOCK or AIM in order to help people who type one-handed.


  • Added the 'all' argument to the NOTES command for architectural design avatars to view all notes for the blueprint, regardless of room.
  • Added the DELNOTE command to architectural design avatars for deleting notes from within the simulation. Arguments can be partial text of a note, a note number as shown in the NOTES ALL command, or "all" to delete everything.


  • Added blockades, proximity weapons, and interdictors to the list of possible notifications given by the Galactic Map Unit upgrade.


  • It is now possible to remove things from sleeping people's possession if they trust you enough to do so while they are awake.


  • After many, many years, security centers now tell you how much money you get when arresting someone for smuggling illegal trading commodities.


  • Updated the text and examples of POLICY 3. Please review at your earliest convenience.

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