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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Added the 'all' argument to the NOTES command for architectural design avatars to view all notes for the blueprint, regardless of room.
  • Added the DELNOTE command to architectural design avatars for deleting notes from within the simulation. Arguments can be partial text of a note, a note number as shown in the NOTES ALL command, or "all" to delete everything.


  • Added blockades, proximity weapons, and interdictors to the list of possible notifications given by the Galactic Map Unit upgrade.


  • It is now possible to remove things from sleeping people's possession if they trust you enough to do so while they are awake.


  • After many, many years, security centers now tell you how much money you get when arresting someone for smuggling illegal trading commodities.


  • Updated the text and examples of POLICY 3. Please review at your earliest convenience.


  • Putting an already blackened hotdog or marshmallow on a campfire will now tell you that said hotdog or marshmallow has already been roasted instead of trying to render it inedible.


  • Curious who trusts you enough to remove clothing and items from you? Now introducing the TRUSTED command. Enjoy!


  • You can now spray perfume in the room with the syntax: SPRAY HERE WITH <perfume>
  • Added the TRUST command. When trusted, another player can freely remove your clothing or items from your hands without asking. Use with care.


  • Added a CHECK verb to oxygen tanks for the lazy among us.


  • At long last, you can PLACE sleeping people into chairs. Strap their lifeless body in quickly or it's apt to fall right out!
  • The WALK command is now slightly smarter about hiding destinations that you can't actually walk to when there are 5 matches or less. This should greatly help with commands like 'WALK LAND' on planets with multiple landing sites.

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