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Brave Pilots Repel CTN Invasion, Counterattack Military Base

Last Sunday an enormous invasion fleet, belonging to the CTN, jumped into the Angelus sector and began to lay waste to civilian shipping. At least one industrial vessel was blown apart by the initial assault, but the pilots of the three alliances quickly regrouped and deployed several battlecruisers to attack the invasion force, which consisted of over 40 advanced CTN warships utilizing powerful laser and armor technology.

The battlecruisers fell upon the flotilla heavily; several fighters and cruisers were quickly destroyed, but once the fleet regrouped the battlecruisers became swamped under intensely heavy enemy fire. This skirmish saw the retreat of alliance warships after two battlecruisers, the Commonwealth battlecruiser "Incarceration", owned by Buck Johanson, and the Commonwealth battlecruiser "Vengeance", owned by Steve Westbrook, were obliterated by broadsides from the massed CTN frigates and destroyers.

After regrouping, a second attack on the fleet was made, during which many involved ships took severe damage; however, this assault was far more successful and within minutes, ship after ship exploded into scorched debris. A second wave was seen off decisively by the assembled battlecruisers, which moved to consolidate their gains by engaging the massed CTN fleet which had assembled around a wormhole 7 lightyears from Angelus.

After the fleet was given a fate very similar to the main invasion force, a field resupply depot was set up by the wormhole and a counterattack was hastily organized. Four battlecruisers, Andorian, Venom, Defiance and Black Sadora, owned by Sebastian Hadford, Matt Valentino, Alexander Heart and Seth Brice respectively, and crewed by numerous intrepid alliance pilots, penetrated CTN space via the wormhole knowing full well that it was entirely possible they could be left behind if the wormhole collapsed while they were on the other side. Given only a time estimate on the collapse and a fresh supply of bardenium slugs, the alliance force moved into CTN territory.

Encountering a CTN shipbuilding facility, the Grimbald Shipyards, on the other side of the wormhole, the pilots immediately set about destroying the installation. The most noteworthy kill was the incomplete battlecruiser "Year of the Dragon", an advanced CTN model and future CTN flagship.

The assault had to be called off early, however; the battlecruisers' mass had further destabilized the wormhole, causing it to collapse twenty minutes ahead of schedule. Alliance technicians only realized this a minute before the wormhole collapsed; the wormhole was quickly unblockaded, and the battlecruisers emerged on the alliance side of the wormhole scant seconds before it collapsed, damaged but victorious.

Dated: 08/11/2355

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