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Pilots Push Petition Forward

Celebrations broke out all across the rolling hills of firewater today as the goal of 70 pilot signatures on the hotly debated petition was finally met and broken. Currently, 72 names are listed on the petition.

Beverly Monning, head of the galaxy's largest strawberry farm smiled through tears as she thanked the piloting community for their invaluable and impassioned support.

"I can't even put words to what I feel in my heart right now" Mrs. Monning told us. "It's such a wave of worry off all our shoulders. You all can't imagine the pilots did an incredible thing, and we can't thank them enough."

The four restaurants who sponsored the petition will be having week-long sales to celebrate the success.

The Firewater planetary government has officially agreed to the relocation of the mall, and talks are beginning as to the best option for its new location. Pegasi b, Hostius, and Iclea have been suggested as possible choices, though no conclusion has yet been reached.

While store managers and food court venders are outraged about the move, they can at least rest assured that the vast majority of their moving costs have been taken care of.

Over the next few weeks, the mall's shops and restaurants will prepare for relocation as the farming community gears up on plans for an organic open-air market to take its place.

This is proof positive that the piloting community is a forced to be reckoned with. 70 names on a piece of paper have changed the future of an entire planet as we know it.

Dated: 07/28/2359

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