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There are 47 players connected, 21 of whom have been active within the past thirty minutes:

Thomas Blur (A) Drew Berry (A) Noah Navarro (A)
Garth Morison (A) *Katrianne Beauchene (A) *Jessica Marin (A)
Katarine Deguerre (A) Abigail Swan (A) *Yara Singh (A)
*Alycen Hunter (A) Josh Starling (A) *Tibo Beauchene (A)
^Michael Calaway (A) Cria Blur (A) *Ariela Marin (A)
^Charlotte Meyers (A) Lia Blade (A) Elena Ryden (A)
^Jose McKenzie (A) Ezmaye Wilson (CW) ^Jizelle Paige (CW)
Andreas Fierro (CW) ^Eddy Westen (CW) ^Rose Smith (CW)
Sancerre Jefferson (CW) *Bob McClayn (CW) ^Maya Kasey (CW)
Alysha Ignesson (CW) ^Matthew Meyers (CW) Andrew Lockwood (CW)
^Salazar Clayton (CW) ^Arielle West (CW) *Christopher Chamberlain (CW)
Moiraine Yobi (CW) ^Glen Mathews (CW) *Alexander Martellato (CW)
Randris Wilson (CW) Kelsey Summers (CW) Derrick Blade (CW)
*Boris Navarro (CW) Lena Sefdon (H) Kendle Hamilton (H)
^Hady Lana (H) Will Carter (H) ^Meredeth Lancaster (H)
Cait Jefferson (H) ^Sarah Veren (H)
* - Out of communications range.^ - Out of local space.

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