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There are 75 players connected, 44 of whom have been active within the past thirty minutes:

*Michael Calaway (A) *Yara Singh (A) Adolin Shard (A)
Jordyn Wexler (A) Georg Mesfel (A) *Ariela Marin (A)
Rothque Torraske (A) *Tibo Beauchene (A) Primus Herani (A)
Aurora Swan (A) Kiara Starling (A) Charlotte Meyers (A)
^Nyla Anders (A) Justin McWalker (A) *Stanton Sefdon (A)
Samantha Russo (A) Alycen Hunter (A) ^Beatrice Carmichael (A)
Cria Blur (A) *Katrianne Beauchene (A) Sherrilyn Sefdon (A)
*Tristina Cantrell (A) Luke Selby (A) Drew Berry (A)
Josh Starling (A) Noah Navarro (A) *Gabriel Marin (A)
Aaliyah Morales (A) Lia Blade (A) Aria Hunter (A)
Gilly Lee (A) Brianna Grisham (A) ^Brice Garrison (A)
^Rayne Radison (A) ^Thomas West (A) Juan Alvarez (A)
Seth Johansen (CW) Megan Zanthor (CW) Elizabeth Webber (CW)
Sindyrdiira Tanorthass (CW) Lana Dicaprio (CW) Tyler Singh (CW)
Eddy Westen (CW) *Roran Martellato (CW) Moiraine McKenzie (CW)
Dmitriy Tanorthass (CW) *Jizelle Paige (CW) Victoria Newton (CW)
^Alexander Martellato (CW) Callia Amenth (CW) ^Cora Drell (CW)
Jack Mason (CW) Elissa Sagan (CW) *Bob McClayn (CW)
Emily Calaway (CW) Aaron Blade (CW) ^Myles Ancil (CW)
^Maya West (CW) Rose Smith (CW) Maxie Jones (CW)
^Alessandra West (CW) Arielle Soprano (CW) James Wilson (CW)
Cody Lee (CW) Victor Morales (CW) Jaydee Williams (CW)
Zoli Baalvaanyossy (H) Alexander West (H) Raina Caston (H)
Angelice Winter (H) Will Carter (H) Martin Blur (H)
Sarafina Summers (H) ^John Hudson (H) Sarah Veren (H)
* - Out of communications range.^ - Out of local space.

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