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There are 47 players connected, 20 of whom have been active within the past thirty minutes:

Rothque Torraske (A) *Tibo Beauchene (A) Karina Bell (A)
Stanton Sefdon (A) Kiara Starling (A) Charlotte Meyers (A)
Yara Navarro (A) Drew Berry (A) Russell Collins (A)
Samantha Blade (A) Elissa Everett (A) Ryan Ames (A)
*Katrianne Beauchene (A) Adolin Shard (A) Devante McKenzie (A)
Talyn Daramyth (A) Thomas West (A) Noah Starling (A)
Josh Starling (A) Chrishta Valdez (A) Minley Vanderaarde (A)
Moiraine McKenzie (CW) Tyler Singh (CW) Sammie Charlton (CW)
Paul Navarro (CW) Emily Sheppard (CW) *Maya West (CW)
*Myles Ancil (CW) ^Darjeeling Amaya (CW) Alexander Martellato (CW)
Jenna Daniels (CW) Victor Morales (CW) ^Seth Johansen (CW)
*Brianna West (CW) James Wilson (CW) Aaron Blade (CW)
Calliope Fielder (CW) Kalila Akala (CW) Kelsey Summers (CW)
Trey McKenzie (CW) Will Carter (H) Terrence Walker (H)
Roone Macleod (H) Ali McKenzie (H) Evan Liu (H)
Caleb McKenzie (H) Cait West (H)
* - Out of communications range.^ - Out of local space.

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