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There are 56 players connected, 31 of whom have been active within the past thirty minutes:

^Miranda Valdez (A) Jessica Marin (A) Devante McKenzie (A)
Juan Alvarez (A) Evan Beam (A) ^Thomas West (A)
*Tibo Beauchene (A) *Katrianne Beauchene (A) Ryan Salvatore (A)
^Karina Bell (A) Sherrilyn Sefdon (A) *Charlotte Meyers (A)
Noah Starling (A) Carina Petrova (A) ^Michael Navarro (A)
Samantha Blade (A) Katarine Deguerre (A) Drew Berry (A)
Jimmy Stone (A) Jordyn Wexler (A) Michael Roberts (A)
Josh Starling (A) Marielle Ortiz (A) ^Aaliyah Morales (A)
^Yara Navarro (A) Luke Selby (A) Stanton Sefdon (A)
Jenny Cavnar (A) *Brianna West (CW) Emily Sheppard (CW)
Alexander Martellato (CW) Jizelle Navarro (CW) Tyler Singh (CW)
Maize Saville (CW) Eddy Westen (CW) ^Victor Morales (CW)
^Paul Navarro (CW) ^Leo Herrera (CW) Alana Davis (CW)
Shelby Button (CW) Sindyrdiira Tanorthass (CW) Kelsey Summers (CW)
^Arielle Soprano (CW) Jenna Daniels (CW) Mark Spencer (CW)
*Roran Martellato (CW) *Maya West (CW) ^James Wilson (CW)
Will Carter (H) Rowan Edinburg (H) *Alexander West (H)
Sarina Jonson (H) Lena Sefdon (H) ^Cait Jefferson (H)
^Anthony Silvers (H) ^Terrence Walker (H)
* - Out of communications range.^ - Out of local space.

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