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BACK ISSUE: The Invasion of the Twelfth

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was discovered in a queue that our system never sent out. We apologize both to our readers and to our correspondent for the untimely delay. Please note that the events written about here took place in November of 2364 and are not recent.

The week of the twelfth witnessed one of the largest Ontanka invasion of 2364. The onslaught began late Wednesday evening with the vanguard invasion of sectors thirty-six, twenty-seven and High Guard command itself, twelve.

The hostile Ontanka moved to secure their positions, claiming one of the first casualty of the week's skirmish, civilian pilot Mr. Hudson in his cargo hauler.

Alliance pilots were immediately pinned down on High Guard Command by nearly sixty Praelor, largely Muzano and Ohaxx class starships. Two battlecruisers were able to launch and engage with the invading force, managing to retake the sector after forty-five minutes of dedicated battle.

Civilian pilots were able to move forward into the other compromised sectors, retaking them against overwhelming odds.

"The difficulty came from having to accomplish this with no repair center in the sector," One gunner remarked in between redeployment. All three sectors were cleared without any further casualty, but nearly all battle ships took heavy damages in the process. However, this would fail to be true for the rest of the week.

The following day, a dedicated task force of Ontanka faction invaded sector twelve, numbering over three hundred starships at the final tally.

"We were in for a fight, we just wanted to minimize the number of casualties." One source claimed.

Troop transports were deployed against Rolukssica and Zander in a coordinated ground assault that had citizens and High Guard personnel alike seeking cover. One source claims she swore she heard Ralph the beloved Proboscis Monkey screeching for help over a short-range frequency.

Multiple battlecruisers, Krenelian allies, and High Guard strike forces were deployed in waves against the tactically superior Ontanka numbers. After six hours of prolonged engagements, sector twelve was finally cleared of all hostile Ontanka. The night witnessed an unfortunate large number of noble sacrifices including Krenelian allies, High Guard ships, and AIE battlecruiser "The Crippled Crank" piloted by Mr. Crank of the AIE. It was a terrible night of fantastic heroism and bravery alike, but it was merely a small fraction of what was to come on the following day.

Alliance pilots saw the coordinated invasion of sectors nine, twelve, thirteen, thirty, thirty -two, forty, and nineteen on Friday afternoon. Experts recognized this as the brilliant strategic deployment of forces designed to disable transportation, blockade resources, and occupy capitals. The Ontanka invaded with their allied faction the Frnalk to devastating effects, inflicting great damages against the defense. Seven battlecruisers were lost in the fight for allied space. Battlecruiser pilots, Beatrice Carmichael, Bradley Kind, Frank Crank, Moiraine Yobi, Noah Navarro, Ted Hadford, Ted Primus, and Ryan Salvatore will be remembered for their selfless sacrifice in the name of alliance and humanity.

The savage engagement continued far into the night, meeting a victorious resolution early into Saturday morning at around 0900 hours. The Praelor were finally eradicated and peace restored thanks to the unwavering support of all war-capable civilian pilots.

AIE pilot Ryan Salvatore was later quoted saying, "As a battlecruiser pilot, I'm entitled to make sure my ship is ready to go for any invasion. It shouldn't matter how big it is, or how small it is, just that my ship is ready. I've been on the frontlines of many invasions over the years, but I've never seen something with this high volume of battlecruisers, or ships in general lost. Every pilot stood up and did what they needed to do, to defend our space, and protect humanity. And I'm proud to have been a part of something that powerful." He extended his thanks and appreciation to all pilots that lost ships big or small in the defense of allied space.

Not every pilot feels this way though. A source who lost dearly in the attack admits that pilots could have done more. "I think it's crappy that so many pilots also felt it was acceptable to carry on and just avoid the sectors where there was trouble or just stay landed while somebody else fixed the problem." The source confides, angry with the lack of civic duty displayed.

The week of the twelfth brought to surface the best and the worse of our Alliances. Pilots across the colonized galaxy answered the call to war. Due to their sacrifice, we remain free to love, live, and pursue happiness. Although the Ontanka have dealt us a bloody nose right in our backyard, we rallied and fought harder for it. The Ontanka outnumber us one-hundred to one, but if we continue to uphold pilots to the caliber of those that have come before, we have already won this war.

Gabriel Marin
Galactic News Corespondent

Dated: 03/03/2365

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