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Policy 1: Newbies
         A newbie is a person who is new to the game. Without new players, a game quickly begins to decay until nothing is left but a mass of unutilized code. As such, newbies are given both mechanical protection within the game's systems as well as protections afforded to them by policy.
Policy 2: Harassment, Discrimination, and Threats
         Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of a person based on an aspect of themselves that is beyond their control or is closely tied to their personal out of character identity. Harassment is defined as excessive aggressive pressure or intimidation directed toward one or more players well past the point where any reasonable action is necessary. Neither harassment nor discrimination are allowed.
Policy 3: Roleplay
         Miriani is a roleplaying game. It's expected that players take on, and maintain, the role of a starship pilot at all times in public.
Policy 4: Cheating
         Cheating is a deliberate action taken to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This could be by abusing a bug, exploiting a loophole, creating scripts that automate gameplay, or even contacting a friend for help outside the game.
Policy 5: Stranding
         Stranding is the act of leaving a player in a location in which they have no immediate means of escape. This is legal under specific circumstances outlined in this policy.
Policy 6: Character and Item Loss
         Characters can be restored one time per year from intentional deletion. We will only replace lost items if they were lost because of a bug or recognized periods of game instability.
Policy 7: Out of Game Transactions
         Play the game for fun, not to sell in-game assets for real life currency.
Policy 8: Hosts
         Don't pretend to be an administrator or to have the support of the administrators when you do not. Respect hosts. They bring you free games!
Policy 9: Server
         You should never try to gain unauthorized access to the machine or the game itself. You should also never deliberately attempt to flood the game with commands, spam, or objects that bloat the database.
Policy 10: Bans
         Unless otherwise stated, a ban is permanent. You're obligated to report ban evaders that you're aware of.
Policy 11: Privacy
         Your personal information is protected at all costs and only accessible to a very small number of individuals. Absolute privacy of in-game communication is not guaranteed, but a best effort is made to minimize monitoring of private communications.

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