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Unless otherwise stated, a ban is permanent. You're obligated to report ban evaders that you're aware of.

What is a ban? How long does it last?
A ban occurs when you've violated enough rules, or one rule severely enough, to be removed from the game and not welcome to come back. If no timeframe was given to you by a host, a ban is permanent.

However, being reasonable people, we are willing to hear you out if you wish to appeal your ban. To make an appeal, DO NOT evade your ban and create a new character. Instead, send an e-mail to with the details of your case. Please include your account and character name so we know who you are. Do not assist on behalf of a banned player; it will be force canceled. We are not at liberty to discuss other people's bans with you.

Ban Evasion
Evading a ban means that you're using a proxy service or otherwise changing your IP address to get back into the game. We find this quite distasteful, as it shows a further lack of regard for the rules of the game, and will result in immediate re-banning upon discovery. No appeals will be heard from ban evaders.

Likewise, if you're aware of somebody evading their ban, you're obligated to report that information to us. Failure to report ban evaders shows a similar disregard for the rules and will result in you being punished as outlined in the consequences section of this policy.


Bans are permanent unless stated otherwise. Helping players evade their ban, or hiding the fact that they're doing so, makes you just as guilty as the other party. If we have substantial evidence that you are harboring a player that is circumventing his or her ban, the following consequences will be enacted:

  1. You will be locked out for two months.
  2. You will be locked out for four months.
  3. Your current character will be deleted. Your account will be disabled for six months.
  4. You will be permanently banned.


  • Your friend gleefully tells you that he is evading his ban. Instead of REPORTing it, you conclude that the hosts must already know and do nothing.
  • Using a proxy or VPN connection to circumvent your ban.
  • Your friend has quit Miriani. Feeling deceitful, you ask her for her account details. Unknowingly and blindly trusting you, she divulges the username and password and you begin to evade your ban with her account, masquerading as a different person. This would also violate POLICY 9.
  • You wish to apologize for your ban and see if you can make amends. You find a Tor proxy and connect to ASSIST to speak to the hosts instead of e-mailing

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