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Out of Game Transactions

Play the game for fun, not to sell in-game assets for real life currency.

Credit farming is the act of playing a game with the sole purpose of gaining wealth in your real life. Often times this is associated with illegal scripting to gain credits without any actual effort put into the game and then turning around and selling them to eager players for real life money. This practice is both dangerous and detrimental to the game. First we'll outline the dangers.

  • You're putting trust in a player that they will give you your credits (or, on the other side, your money). There are many untrustworthy individuals out there and we don't want to be responsible for the loss of money.
  • You're providing real life information to the person you're buying from or selling to.
  • The person buying credits from you is probably about to file a PayPal chargeback and get their money back anyway.
  • You risk losing all credits gained in-game if we discover that the player cheated to obtain them. Large transactions are a sure fire way to institute an investigation into both players.

To summarize:

  • Buying or selling Miriani credits or in-character items for real life currency is a violation of this policy.
  • Buying or selling tradesman certificates or donation time should only be done through the in-game certificate and donation time markets, respectively.


All funds involved in the transaction will be removed. If the credits have already been spent, an appropriate amount of assets will be removed to cover the total amount of credits.

If the transaction takes place in secret, it will be assumed that it is a knowing and willful violation of this policy and both parties will be permanently banned from the game.


  • You announce that you will be selling in-game credits for legal currency.
  • You announce that you will take over somebody's character to gain points or credits for them.
  • You offer another player legal currency for in-game assets.
  • You offer another player in-game assets for legal currency.
  • You establish an elaborate black market website for the sale and trade of Miriani assets for legal currency. Eventually a criminal empire forms around this black market trade and, before you know it, you're in the hot seat at the head of an illegal crime syndicate with constant danger to your life from crime lords wanting a piece of that pie.

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