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You should never try to gain unauthorized access to the machine or the game itself. You should also never deliberately attempt to flood the game with commands, spam, or objects that bloat the database.

Database Size
The MOO server is run on a machine with finite resources. In order to ensure that we have resources available for a long time to come, and to ensure that the software is able to run smoothly, we like to do our best to make sure that the database size stays reasonable. What does that mean? The entire game is stored in a single text file, which is referred to as the database. As such, every object in the game contributes to the size of that file. Due to the architecture of the MOO server, this entire file is loaded into RAM. For reasons beyond the scope of this document, once the values are loaded into RAM the database ends up consuming about two times more RAM than it does disk space. You can see, therefore, how this could balloon into a problem!

To keep size down, players should avoid collecting vast quantities of objects they will never, or very rarely, use. This can include starships, clothing, charge boosters, flowers, or any other object. Each of those objects not only takes up disk space and RAM, but they also waste CPU resources and contribute to slowdowns when you try to match to ANY object in the room.

Players who intentionally attempt to increase the size of the database by mass-buying objects with malicious intent will be immediately banned.

Account Security
Account passwords are one-way encrypted and are never visible in plain text to anybody. Other information, such as username and e-mail address, is available only to higher ranking hosts and is never shared. Anybody who attempts to compromise the security of an account, either through in-game means or social engineering, will be immediately banned. We will NEVER, EVER ask you to tell us your password. Please REPORT anybody who asks for your password. I 100% guarantee it is NOT us.

Flooding Commands
Flooding commands in an attempt to slow the server down will also result in a ban. You should never have the need to flood the server with any command multiple times a second. If you do have such a need, please ASSIST and we'll make the determination as to whether or not it's a legitimate need.

Threats and Attempts to Compromise
Anybody threatening to compromise the server will be banned. Likewise, any actual attacks against the server will result in you being banned and an abuse report filed with your ISP. Depending on the severity of the attack, law enforcement may be contacted.

Note that the definition of server here applies to the actual machine, not just the MOO server. Any attack against any service running on this machine will result in the above actions being taken. This includes attempting to bruteforce passwords on other MOOs hosted on the machine or running any "security check" tool suites against the server.

Server Restarts

From time to time, the MOO server will need to be restarted for upgrades, security patches, or other maintenance. Typically these events can take anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour, depending on the complexity of the reason for the shutdown. Even more rarely are unexpected server crashes, which require us to manually restart the MOO. You should never use the fact that the game had to restart to gain an in character benefit. Everyone who was connected pre-shutdown will not immediately know the game has returned. Thusly, there is an 8 hour cooldown after restarts prior to taking in character actions that may be influenced by a shutdown.

There are automated systems that attempt to mitigate danger that your character may be left in after a shutdown, but these are not always effective and, for game balance reasons, are very limited in scope. Use your best judgment when considering drastic action that may only have taken place because of a shutdown.


As database bloat is a ubiquitous problem, players who are found to be maliciously creating or purchasing objects to unnecessarily inflate the database will be permanently banned.

Attacks on the server that Miriani is hosted on will result in your IP being banned from all services being run on the Toastsoft server and your ISP being notified.

Little to no warnings will be issued as it is fairly trivial to tell when an attack is malicious.


  • You decide to write a script that will buy objects in bulk from a menu, drop the shopping bag, and repeat until something interesting happens. This is intentional database bloat.
  • You spoof your e-mail address to one owned by a host. You then send e-mail to another player telling them that they need to respond with their account name and password. (Innocent players: NEVER E-MAIL ANYBODY YOUR PASSWORD. EVER. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.)
  • You contact another player on an instant messenger or social media and lead them to believe you're a host. You then try to extract personal information from that player about their Miriani account.
  • You write a script that will flood the server with bogus input, slowing down the time it takes to process commands. (A denial of service attack.)
  • You purchase or 'obtain' a botnet that sends bogus network packets to the server in an attempt to deny access to legitimate connections.
  • You port scan the server to identify other services and then try to exploit bugs or weaknesses in those services.
  • You port scan the server to identify other services and try to extract personal information from those services.
  • You attempt to brute force passwords on any of the services running on the server machine.
  • Jack was on a landing pad prior to a server restart and wasn't able to get to a safe place. Noticing this, you immediately take him in your ship and pulse his droids. When he reawakens several hours later, you attempt to sell them back. This would be a policy violation.
  • Jill was in her ship and, for reasons unknown, was unable to land it before the shutdown occurred. She's left floating in space and had to step away from the keyboard, which resulted in her not being able to reconnect and land it when the game returned. You steal her ship and strand her.

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