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Character and Item Loss

Characters can be restored one time per year from intentional deletion. We will only replace lost items if they were lost because of a bug or recognized periods of game instability.

Character Purges
Characters will be deleted (purged) after two months of inactivity. If you plan to be away for longer than two months, you can set up vacation mode from the login screen or the GENERAL-OPTIONS menu. Enabling this mode is not permanent. Connecting to the game will cause it to be disabled immediately, and it will automatically be removed and leave you susceptible to purging after a certain period of time. This period of time ranges from 4 months to a full year, and is based on how many license points your current character has under their belt.

Players with less than 5,000 points are eligible to get 4 months of vacation time before purging. Players with above 5,000 points can get 6 months, and players beyond the 20,000 mark have a full year. Remember, though; connecting to your character will immediately deactivate vacation mode, and if you recently enabled vacation mode or ended a vacation, you can't set it up again for another two weeks.

If you happen to be in a situation that prevents you from accessing the game, you can send an email to explaining your case. We can activate it for you.

You're allowed to restore your character up to four times a year from purges. If you have a purged character that is eligible for restoration, you may restore it from the login screen. If you don't see the option to restore your purged character and you're sure that you should be able to restore it, e-mail and request a restoration.

Intentional Deletion
Intentional deletion occurs when you delete your character from the login screen.

If you create and play a new character, there is a one week window of opportunity for you to change your mind and restore back to your previous character.

If you decide not to play a new character, there is no time limit to how long you can wait before you restore your character.

Either way, think very carefully about whether you want to roll back, because you're only allowed ONE restoration from intentional deletion per year.

Note: You may only restore to the character that you played prior to your current one. So if you played Joe Smith, Bob Jackson and John Doe in that order, and then began to play your new character Willy Willards, you could only restore John.

Ragequitting involves deleting your character with the RAGEQUIT command. Restoration is not possible when using this command. Your character is gone forever.

What Will Be Restored / What Do I Lose?
When your character is restored, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to recover your inventory. You will, more than likely, be naked and itemless. However, you will retain all of your license points, credits on hand, appearance, starships, and tradesman items. Private funds are purged if no one else has access to them, and any credits that were in purged funds cannot be restored. To make new keys for your starships, find the nearest store selling ships and type MAKE.

Server Instability (Lag)
Lag occurs when network or server hardware cannot keep up with the load. Sometimes lag is caused by our network equipment, but the majority of the time it's caused by issues between you and us. We're unable to verify lag that comes from your end, which means we're unable to restore items or reverse consequences that resulted from your local lag. The only time we will intervene is if at least 50% of a significantly connected number of players are reporting lag. If this happens, a host will make an announcement warning you to not do anything until the lag clears. We will then restore losses that occurred before the announcement, but NOT after! Be sure to take heed of lag announcements.

If the lag is our fault, a very similar procedure will be followed. A host will make an announcement warning everybody and we will make the necessary restorations as time and lag permit. No restorations will be made after the announcement has been made.

If an item is lost due to a bug or error on a host's part, we will restore that item provided there is sufficient evidence of the presence of a bug.


If more than 50% of connected players are reporting lag or instability, or a host can confirm persistent lag, items may be restored.

Characters that delete via the RAGEQUIT command or intentionally deleting inside a black hole are not eligible for restoration. You can request one restore per year for intentional deletion.


  • You are unable to connect to the internet for several months, resulting in your inability to notify us that you will not be able to connect. Once you return, you would be eligible for character restoration.
  • You will be away on an overseas trip for more than two months. The location that you are positioned in enjoys protection from a firewall which blocks and other associated domains from being accessed. You can enable vacation mode and, until you return, your character can be held for a period of time based on how many license points it has.
  • One day, you feel that your character is ready to retire. You choose to delete, but then realize what a mistake that was after some contemplation. You decide to request your character be restored.
  • The network infrastructure of the server that the MOO is hosted on is encountering problems of congestion or weather. You and your crew of 11 other pilots are currently embarking on a difficult mission in your eviscerator. Suddenly, the game becomes unresponsive. Once you reconnect, you find yourself in an escape pod, surrounded by your sleeping companions. Checking the who list, it seems a great number of players were disconnected as well. You can ASSIST to have your ship restored.

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