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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What commands can I use?
A: With most items in the game, you can type COMMANDS <item name> to get a listing of commonly available commands. The help files will also provide helpful information about specific items and upgrades. The HELP PLAYER COMMANDS file contains the commands that you can type anywhere and the HELP SHIP COMMANDS file contains commands you can use in starships.

Q: Why is this FAQ littered with words in all caps? Why do people and help files keep shouting at me?
A: In order to differentiate commands from explanatory text, you'll often find that people (ourselves included) will type command names in all uppercase. This makes it easier to recognize what to type.

Q: My communicator tells me I can only receive messages. What do I do?
A: You'll need to purchase a full communicator. You should type MAP COMM and then follow the directions to the communicator store. Once there, you should see a trash can. Type REMOVE COMMUNICATOR and then PUT COMMUNICATOR IN TRASH. Now type MENU and locate the option for a communicator. Type BUY 1 and choose the color you want. Now type WEAR COMMUNICATOR. You should now be able to communicate with anybody else in the game. For more information about communicating, please type HELP COMMUNICATORS.

Q: How do I quit?
A: Type @quit or just close your client. Your character's information is automatically saved every hour with the rest of the game's database.

Q: How do I lock/unlock my ship?
A: If your ship's key is on your keyring, it will lock and unlock itself automatically when you enter and exit it. If, for some reason, you still desire to lock/unlock it manually, you can type: LOCK <NAME OF SHIP> ON KEYRING. Or, if you're just holding the key, LOCK <NAME OF SHIP> will work. Unlocking works the same way, only replace lock with unlock.

Q: Where is my ship?
A: If your ship is on a planet or space station with flight control, you can type LOCATE KEYRING to get a listing of all of your locatable starships. Alternatively, the SLOCATE command will allow you to locate a specific ship. If your ship isn't showing up in this list, it may have been destroyed or it's in a location that isn't able to be located. Your best bet in this situation is to fly around and search for it the old fashioned way.

Q: How do I make money?
A: There are many ways to make money. For a complete list, please type HELP ACTIVITIES.

Q: How do I mute the chatter channel?
A: Please see HELP COMMUNICATORS. The quick answer, however, is to type: MUTE COMMUNICATOR and select chatter.

Q: Why do I keep getting yelled at about being OOC?
A: Please type POLICY 3 to review the roleplay policy. You're expected to be completely in character on public communicators and in rooms during events.

Q: What is insurance?
A: Insurance protects you when you lose a ship. Let's say you buy a cargo hauler for 2,000,000 credits. If you put 1,000,000 credits into insurance and your cargo hauler is destroyed, you will receive 2,000,000 credits for the destruction. This is essentially like getting 50% off of a replacement cargo hauler.

Q: How do I send/receive mail?
A: To send mail, you need to visit any mail center and view the MENU. If you're sending a letter, buy a letter and type WRITE LETTER. If you're buying a package, buy the package and place what you want to send into it. When you finish the letter and or package filling, type SEND <letter/package>. To receive mail, you must be in the mail center of your home planet and type CHECK.

Q: How do I cash my courier payment?
A: The credits are automatically added to your account on Friday. The payment slip you receive in the mail is just for your information.

Q: How do I make the message board reader stop beeping?
A: If you want to silence a specific category, such as Quoted Out of Context, type USE BOARD and select Options (5). Choose 2, Set Notification Options, and toggle which categories you don't want to hear. If you want to temporarily silence them all, type MUTE BOARD.

Q: How do I stop dancing?!

Q: How do I load my ammunition storage container?
A: Type PUT <MAGAZINE> IN <AMMUNITION>. This depends on the exact names of the objects. If your ammunition is called a whale and your storage container is called a pit of fire, you could type PUT WHALE IN FIRE.

Q: What's a stun gun and how do I use it?
A: A stun gun is the only way to enact bodily harm upon an individual. HELP STUNNING will give you a fabulous introduction to these weapons as well as complete usage instructions.

Q: Is there a soundpack available for Miriani?
A: There are several soundpacks available for many different clients. None of these soundpacks are officially produced or supported by the game's administrators. However, to help ease the process of locating an appropriate soundpack, you can access the OOC / Soundpacks message board category or type @SOUNDPACKS.

Q: What on Earth is a soundpack?
A: A soundpack is a set of triggers that will replace certain blocks of text with sounds.

Q: I'm visually impaired. Is there a way to reduce the spam?
A: There are a few ways. The first way would be to type SIGHT. This will disable several of the more "visual" elements of the game and replace them with screenreader friendly versions. The next way would be to download a soundpack. And finally, typing ROOM-O 1 will reduce spam a bit more.

Q: I am fiercely laggy! How can I minimize lag?
A: Unfortunately, in most cases, there is nothing that we can do. The problem is more than likely somewhere along the line from you to us, meaning there is little to nothing either side can do but wait. You can get an estimate of the current CPU and network lag with the @LAG and @LAG MORE commands.

Q: Where is the OOC channel?
A: You can enable the OOC channel by typing OOC ON and then OOC and your message. Be aware, however, that this channel is strictly monitor and any blatant messages intended to shatter immersion or break the OOC-IC divide will be dealt with by any hosts online at the time.

Q: Why is it so quiet? My communicator is on!
A: The chatter channel is disabled by default on new communicators. If you wish to engage in chitchat, you'll need to type: TURN COMM CHATTER. This will tune your communicator to a public chatter channel. Be warned, however, that the conversations that go on are typically as unsavory as it gets. That's why it's disabled by default.

Q: Help, I'm always under attack! How can I defend myself?!
A: A defense handbook is available that will describe a number of situations and how to combat them. You can read the handbook by typing DEFENSE.

Q: How can I keep up to date on the most recent changes to the game?
A: There are a number of ways to stay informed. The first is the @announcements command. Any game change worthy of immediate attention, as well as special notices from the hosts, will be posted here. The next is to visit the OOC / Announcements category with your message board reader. This is typically where large game changes are posted in detail. For those who like to know every little change, the @changes command will display the programmer's changelog for the game, which lists even the most trivial and insignificant changes. All of these resources can be accessed from the website as well via the links displayed below the Miriani logo.

Q: Why are text entry prompts so weird and different in this MOO?
A: We employ a more flexible method for text entry that allows you to correct mistakes, insert and delete lines, and other common editing features that simplify text input and ensure you get it right the first time. You can find more information by typing HELP EDITOR, including how to disable the flexible editor if you find it's not to your liking.

Q: Are there any commands I should know for roleplay purposes?
A: Why yes! We have several commands designed to enhance the roleplay experience. You can find a rundown in the HELP ROLEPLAY COMMANDS help file.

Q: How do I get around on planets?
A: Since planets in Miriani can be quite extensive, we have some commands to help you navigate. The first is the MAP command. Typing it alone will display a visual map or you can add a room name to the command to get specific directions. Alternatively, you can replace MAP with WALK to automatically walk to the given room name. See HELP MAP and HELP WALK for more information. To assist with finding planets in known space, you can USE a destination finder, which can be purchased in any starship supply store.

Q: How do I know how many points I have?
A: You can purchase a portable point unit at a starship supply store on your capital planet. Once you have it in hand, you can USE it to see your license, combat, and, if applicable, private organization points. Don't forget to WEAR it to free up your hands.

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