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Player Commands

SAY or ' or " [message] - Allows you to say [message] to the whole room.
WHISPER [person] [message] - Allows you to whisper [message] to [person]. Only they can see the message.
YELL [message] - Allows you to yell [message] to the whole room and surrounding rooms.
NEWBIE - Transmits over the newbie channel.
NEWBIE ON - Turns on the newbie channel.
NEWBIE OFF - Turns off the newbie channel.
TRANSMIT [message] - Transmits over general coms if you have a communicator.
TRANSMIT [channel number] [message] - Transmits over alliance coms if you have a communicator.
TRANSMIT LINK [person] - Allows you to create a private transmission link with [person] if you have a communicator.
TRANSMIT [person] - Allows you to talk with [person] over your private link if you have a communicator.
TRANSMIT LINKS - Displays a list of all private links if you have a communicator.
TRANSMIT UNLINK - Allows you to remove a private link if you have a communicator.
LIE/SIT [object] - Will sit or lie down on [object] or the ground if no [object] is specified.
STAND - Stands up.
PULL [player] - Pulls a player to their feet so they're no longer sitting.
WHO - Shows a listing of players online.
GIVE [thing] TO [person] - Gives [thing] to [person]
THROW [thing] AT [person] - Throws [thing] to [person]
SMELL [thing] - Smells [thing]. Smell alone smells the room.
LOOK [object or player] - Will look at the [object] or [player] or the room if no [object] is specified.
[north/south/east/west/northwest/southwest/northeast/southeast/up/down/out] - Allows you to go whichever direction. Can be shortened to n, s, e, w, nw, sw, ne, se, u, d, and o.
GO [exit] - Allows you to go through [exit]
PEER [direction] - Allows you to see what's in [direction]
MAP [zoom] [legend] [destination] - Displays a map of the immediate area. If you specify the LEGEND option, the legend will either be enabled or disabled. The [zoom] option determines how large the map is. If you specify [destination] with no other options, the mapper will attempt to find the destination and provide you with exact directions to that destination.
MARK - Marks the current location on your MAP.
PARTY - Displays who is following you.
HOLD [player] - Causes [player] to follow you around.
JOIN [person] - Causes you to follow [person].
DISBAND - Causes all following players to stop following you.
LEAVE - Makes you stop following somebody.
UNGROUP - Allows you to make a specific person stop following you.
OPTIONS - Allows you to set various game options.
INV-ALL - Shows everything you're carrying.
SWAP - Switch your inventory around in your hands.
INFO - Displays information about your character.
CASH - Displays how many credits you have.
HEALTH - Displays your well-being.
SPELL - Provides the spelling of a word in the room.
ASSIST - Requests the presence of a host to help with problems.
CANCEL - Cancels a request for a host.
REPORT [message] - Reports a message to the host. Use for bugs, typos, concerns, inconsistencies, or any problems.
POLICY [policy] - Displays a list of the policies. The full text of a policy is available if you specify it after the policy command.
HELP [help file] - Displays a list of help files. The full text of the help file is available if you specify it after the help command.
HELP-SEARCH [snippet] - Search the help files for [snippet].
SHOOT [player/drone/droid] - Fires a weapon at the player/drone/droid if you are holding a weapon.
COVER [object] - Take cover behind [object] to use it to protect you from stun shots.
UNCOVER - Step away from whatever you're taking cover behind.
SAVE [object] - Steps in front of another player to protect them from stun shots.
DRAW - Draws your weapon from your holster. (assuming you have both a holster and a weapon.)
HOLSTER - Holsters your weapon.(assuming you have both a holster and a weapon.)
PDRAW - Draws your pulse emitter from the pulse emitter clip. (assuming you have both a pulse emitter and a clip.)
PHOLSTER - Holsters your pulse emitter. (assuming you have both a pulse emitter and a clip.)
RECHARGE - Use this command on a landing pad or docking bay. If the planet or station is equipped to recharge ships, it will fully recharge your ship.
@SOCIALS - Lists all the available socials.
@DANCES - Lists all the available dances.
DANCE [person] - Allows you to start dancing with someone.
DANCE STOP - Ends the dance with your current dancing partner.
STANCE - Allows you to switch between various combat modes to either gain a better chance of dodging, a better chance of hitting the target, or a better chance of inflicting more stun time. For more information, see HELP STUNNING.
ESTIMATE [container] - Tells you the estimated value of any artifacts in the container.
@ANNOUNCEMENTS - Displays the last few announcements.
COLOR-OPTIONS - Allows you to set various color options.
SHOP - Provides a shortcut to the shopping program on your Lore computer.
TRACK - Provides a shortcut to the tracking program on your Lore computer.
TR HISTORY - Displays the last few transmissions over the general communications channel.
GOAL [points] - Displays how many points you would need in various areas to reach [points].
BOLT [item] - Bolts an item in a ship or apartment so that nobody can run away with it.
UNBOLT [item] - If you're the owner of a ship, apartment, or item, this allows you to unbolt it.
CHECK - If you're in the mail room of your alliance, this will check for new mail.
NEWBIE [on/off or message] - Transmits to the newbie channel. NOTE: This is NOT an OOC chat channel. It is a way to OOCly answer newbie command questions, not to ask about their day.
METAF [frequency] [message] - Allows you to speak into a metafrequency communicator. See HELP COMMUNICATORS for more specific usage details and a better alternative.
LOOK-OPTIONS - Allows you to configure the output of the LOOK command.
GARAGE-OPTIONS - Allows you to configure how you want private garages to work.
@CHANGES - Allows players to view the changelogs, past and present.
LOOK-FILTER [object | remove] - If you specify a wearable object, it will filter instances of that object out when you look at people in the future. If you specify REMOVE, you will be prompted for what to remove from the list. No arguments lists all filters.
COMMANDS [object] - Displays the obvious commands for an object.
DEFENSE - Provides a guidebook on common ways to defend yourself.
COMM-OPTIONS - Allows you to configure various communication options.
REPLY [message] - Replies to the last private transmission received. See HELP COMMUNICATORS for more information.
REPLYLOCK [off] - Locks the reply command to the last person who sent you a private transmission. This way, REPLY always goes to them, even if you receive a message from another person. The OFF argument restores the previous functionality.
PEOPLE - Displays a list of the people in the room who are awake.
ECHO [input] - Echos your input back to you. Useful for testing soundpacks.
GAG-OPTIONS - Provides options for muting output that you do not wish to see, such as eating messages or socials.
@WARNINGS - Displays a list of your OOC warnings, if any, and the reasoning behind them.
GOAL-COMBAT [point goal] - Determines what activities you'd have to do to reach your combat point goal.
BETA [message | off | on] - Transmits to the beta channel when it's active.
WALK-STYLE - Sets your walking style.
WALK [room name] - Automatically walks you to the destination of your choosing.
@TIPS - Displays a list of tips.
TIPS - Disables or enables tips.
@TIP-SUBMIT - Allows you to submit a tip for approval.
SHIP-COMMAND [command or function] - Allows you to specify a command or a desired function and returns a result from the ship command help file detailing the command and its functions.
COMMAND-SEARCH [command or function] - Allows you to specify a command or a desired function and returns a result from the player command help file detailing the command and its functions.
PROFANITY - Allows you to set custom profanity filters.
HIGHGUARD - Displays a history of transmissions on the High Guard emergency channel.
ARMOR [person] - Displays the status of your body armor. If you specify a person's name, it will display the status of their armor.
SUNLOCK (or UNLOCK) [ship name] - If typed alone, SUNLOCK will display a list of ships that you can unlock. If you specify a ship name, it will unlock that ship.
SLOCK (or LOCK) [ship name] - If typed alone, SLOCK will display a list of ships that you can lock. If you specify a ship name, it will lock that ship.
E2 - An experimental emote command. See HELP E2 for usage details.
SUGGEST - Submits suggestions to the hosts. NOTE: The preferred and more often read method is to submit suggestions to the OOC / Suggestions/Ideas message board.
EVENT-APPLICATION - Retrieve an application to become an event host.
IGNORE [player] - Allows you to tell your character to stop paying attention to [player] on communicators. NOTE: This feature could be removed at any time to encourage more roleplaying. Use at your own risk.
IGNORING - Display who you're ignoring.
DENEWBIE - Remove your newbie flag if you're a newbie.
GROUPCOUNT - Count how many members are in your group.
MATCHING - Allows you to set, remove, and view matching aliases. Matching alias allow you to override standard matching on certain words and force them to always match to a specific object. For example, you could make POTATO always match to Merugle.
SCROOGE - Declare that you hate Christmas and do not wish to partake in any Christmas activities. This includes the tradesman item from Santa.
DICTIONARY - Control what words exist in your personal spell checking dictionary.
MATCH-OPTIONS - Configure a number of options for customizing the matching system.
MATCH-ORDER - Configure the order in which the matching system considers objects in the room to match to your commands.
SLOCATE [ship name] - Locates a ship quickly and easily without utilizing the LOCATE KEYRING command.
SORT [container] - Allows you to change what order objects that you're wearing, objects in the container, or objects in the room appear in.
AUTO-CONTRIB - Configures options to auto-contribute to the ship owner at the completion of a mission.
@SOUNDPACKS - Display a list of available soundpacks that utilize advanced in-game triggers.
@REGISTER-SOUNDPACK - Add a new soundpack with advanced in-game triggers.
@UPDATE-SOUNDPACK - Updates information about your soundpack.
LORE-OPTIONS - If you're holding or wearing a Lore computer, this will jump straight to its options menu.
INVENTORY - Look at what you're wearing and holding without having to see your full description. If you include arguments, it will search all of your bags and tell you where an item is located.
HOLDING - Look at what you're holding without having to see what you're wearing.
PLACE [player] on [furniture] - Put a sleeping or idle person on a piece of furniture.

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