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Ship Commands

Note: If you wish to do a general lookup of this file, you can use the SHIP-COMMAND <search> command. For example, to learn about commands pertaining to weapons, you can type: SHIP-COMMAND weapon. The same applies for specific commands: SHIP-COMMAND apply-f.

Starship Command Reference
STARMAP (or SM) - Displays a map containing all of the objects present in the sector. (See 'Starmap')
MANUAL (or MAN) - Allows the starship to be controlled manually. (See 'Manual Navigation')
AUTOPILOT (or AUTO) - Engages the starship's autopilot. (See 'Autopilot')
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - + - The commands used in manual navigation.
QUIET - Engages quiet running mode, meaning the only movement messages you will see are movement start and movement stop.
SILENT - Suppresses all movement messages.
LAUNCH - Launches your starship from a planet, space station, or docking bay into space.
LAND - Lands your starship if you're one unit away from a planet or a space station.
MOVE (or M) - The basis of autopilot. Using this command will no arguments will provide a list of valid destinations in the sector, or you can supply it with coordinates to travel to.
STOP - If your starship is moving, this will halt the movement.
FTL (or JUMP) [sector] - Engages the starship's wormhole drive. Typing the command with no arguments will present the user with an FTL "map", or you can provide a sector number as an argument. (See 'Wormhole Drives')
CHARGE - Allows you to view the remaining starship power levels.
SCAN [target] - Provides information about targets in the sector. Using scan with no arguments provides a list of targets, or you can specific the target manually. You can also SCAN ALL [filter] to get a general rundown of the sector's contents.
CONDENSE - This will condense certain destinations on autopilot and, if desired, on the starmap. This means that if there are 50 pieces of debris in the sector, autopilot will only show the nearest piece rather than the entire list.
SALVAGE (or SAL) - Pulls a nearby piece of debris into the ship's storage room. (See 'Debris Salvaging')
SUBWARP [coordinates] - This can be seen as short-range teleportation, if you will. The starship will engage some fancy technological marvel and within seconds, your ship has been moved to the coordinates you supplied.
SLIP [direction] - This is poor man's subwarp. It will move you fairly quickly as far as you can go in one direction.
TRANSFER - Transfers debris to a spaceport for credits and points, OR transfers cargo from one starship to another starship while docked in space.
GENERAL (or GEN) [message] - Transmits a message to the other starships in the sector.
LRSCAN - Initiates a long-range scan, which displays objects within the scanner's range. (See 'lrscan')
ANCHOR - Anchors the starship to an asteroid's surface. (See 'Asteroid Hauling')
HAUL - Begins the process of towing an asteroid to a hauling station.
POWER - Powers your starship up or down.
EXPEL - Jettisons unwanted cargo into space.
ESCAPE [all] - Launches an escape pod, leaving the ship intact but transporting everybody onboard to the landing pad of the alliance the ship is registered to. If you omit the all and just type escape, a single escape pod will be launched with you in it.
BOOT - Dispatches security drones to drag everybody outside of the ship.
PROXIMITY (or PROX) - Launched proximity weapons.
ABORT - Aborts a self-destruct or ESCAPE sequence.
RED/GREEN/YELLOW/PURPLE - Places the starship into red, green, yellow, or purple alert. (See 'Alert Statuses')
LOCK (or AIM) [coordinates] - Establishes a weapon lock on coords. (See 'Combat')
WEAPONS - Displays a list of the weapons available on the starship.
REPAIR [component] - Begins repairing component, assuming it's not destroyed.
SYSTEMS (or SYS) - Provides direct access to the starship's power systems, allowing for more precision power management. (This command is available from the engineering room or, if no such room exists, the control room)
LASER (or LA) - Fires the lasers.
CARGO - Lists the contents of the starship's storage room.
PA [message] - Transmits message to everybody in the starship.
EXT [message] - Allows you to speak into the external PA to communicate with people standing outside your ship.
LOCKED - Displays the currently locked coordinates.
DUCT - Allows you enter the starship's network of ducts.
BATHROOM - When in a stateroom, this will lead you into a room that provides facilities for the discreet elimination of waste.
CANNON (or CAN) - Fires the starship's bardenium cannons.
RELOAD - Transfers bardenium from the ship's storage into the cannons.
BEACONS [sector] - Calculates the distance from your current galactic coordinates to the last known location of standard navigational beacons.
CODE - Changes the access code, which is required to self-destruct the ship or change the docking options.
BLOCKADE - Launches blockades into the sector.
DESTROY - Allows you to quickly and easily destroy any blockades or proximity weapons that you launched in a sector.
CAMERA - Enables or disables the external camera if your ship is equipped with one.
DOOR - Allows ship owners to open/close blast doors if they're equipped with them.
SCAN-FILTERS (or SCAN-F) - Enables you to apply filters to the SCAN command. This is useful if you don't care about scanning stars, for example.
RESET-FILTERS - Clears the scan filters in every room of the ship.
APPLY-FILTERS - Applies the control room's scan filters to every other room of the ship.
TURRET [location OR on/off] - If your ship has internal stun turrets, this command allows you to control their firing. If no arguments are specified, a list of locations will be given. Specifying on or off will enable or disable the cameras on the turrets. (See 'Internal Stun Turrets')
CHIME - Enables or disables the airlock chime if your ship is equipped with one.
DESTINATION - If your ship is delivering cargo, this displays your destination.
DELIVER - If your ship is delivering cargo, this is the actual delivery process.
DOCKING-OPTIONS - Allows you to set various docking options, including automatic docking.
SHIP-EXPEL - This allows you to expel starships from your ship's docking bay. This assumes you are landed at a properly equipped spaceport.
NEWS - Displays the most recent news stories.
TIME/DATE - Displays the current time and date.
TRACE - If you have a wormhole tracer, this will trace any recent wormhole activity.
TAG - Scans a ship for contraband and, if any is found, prints a smuggler ID scan. (See 'Smuggling and Catching Smugglers')
COORDS (or C) - Displays your current coordinates, provided you're in the control room, engineering room, a weapon room, or a room equipped with a starmap viewer.
COURSE - Displays the starships current course and estimated time of arrival. Only available to pilots in the control room.
NOLOCK - Suppresses the notification of Praelor locks. You can pretty safely assume that a Praelor ship in range is a Praelor ship that has established a weapon lock.
RECORDS - Displays some statistical information about the starship you're in, including launch date, sectors travelled, missions completed, and ship kills.
PRINT - Prints a hardcopy of the ship's service record.
SECURITY (or SEC) - Displays the status of your lock, occupants on the ship, authorization code status, number and location of internal turrets and number/location of guarding security drones.
NOTIFICATIONS - Allows you to filter what the computer will announce upon entering a new sector.
SCENT - Allows you to select a scent if you have the ship-wide air freshener upgrade.
GALCOORDS (or GC) - Display the ship's current galactic coordinates.
ETA - Displays the estimated time of arrival for an asteroid. It can also be used in an engineering room to get a status report on a current repair.
CHECK - Allows you to view the current repair process.
RAVEN - Activates the RAVEN system if the upgrade is installed. Typing TALK TO [hologram name] will allow you to utilize it.
DRONE - For appropriately upgraded ships, allows setting combat drone targets as well as launching combat drones.
VIDEO - Launches a video probe.
PROBE - Displays launched video probes. Also allows you to view recorded video probe history.
BUCKLE - Buckles a seatbelt if you're sitting in a chair with a seatbelt.
UNBUCKLE - Unbuckles a seatbelt if you're sitting in a chair with a seatbelt.
SALVO - Allows you to specify how many cannons will fire in the room you're in.
BROADCAST [message] - Broadcasts a message for several lightyears, depending on the range of the ship's broadcast upgrade.
PIPE - Toggles a configuration option allowing anything the computer says in the control room to also be said in every other ship room.
COMMLINK - Initiates a communication link with a docked starship. Typically used with aliens out of communications range.
CLOAK - Cloaks the starship if a cloaking device is present.
MIMIC - Allows you to select a starship to mimic if a mimic device is present.
TRANSPORT - Transports the ship from a garage to the landing pad.
ARSENAL - Displays the weapons available to the starship, as well as a status report on their availability.
SHIPYARD - Allows you to replace components on ships docked with you, assuming you have a shipyard upgrade and available replacement components.
DISRUPT - Fires a computer disruption pulse. The command will prompt you with any targets in range. See HELP STARSHIP WEAPONS for more information.
DISARM - Fires a disarmament pulse. The command will prompt you with any targets in range. See HELP STARSHIP WEAPONS for more information.
INTERRUPT - Fires a sensor interruption pulse at the target you select at the prompt. See HELP STARSHIP WEAPONS for more information.
IMMOBILIZE - Fires an immobilization pulse at the selected target. See HELP STARSHIP WEAPONS for more information.
FIGHTERS - Displays a list of fighters located in the fighter bay of your ship. (Requires a fighter bay.)
RESCUE [ship] - "Salvages" a fighter back into the fighter bay. The fighter must be one unit away. (Requires a fighter bay.)
CALLBACK [ship] - Calls back a fighter from the sector and returns it to the fighter bay of your ship. (Requires a fighter bay.)
FIGHTERS-ORDER - Moves the fighters around in the fighter bay to place them in the order that you wish them to appear. (Requires a fighter bay.)
MISSION - Displays information about any combat missions the ship is presently on.
ABOUT - Informs you of the starship's manufacturing origin.
AMMODUMP - The opposite of the RELOAD command. This will remove any loaded ammunition from the weapon room you're currently in.
RECHARGE - When inside a starship simulator, this will fully recharge your ship.
SCAN-ORDER - Reorders the items that appear in your SCAN list.
REPAIR-OPTIONS (or REPAIR-O) - Allows you to configure options for viewing damage.
PILOT-OPTIONS (or PILOT-O) - Configure various starship-independent settings.
MUSIC (or CMUSIC) - Toggles the airlock cycling music, should you have that upgrade installed.
ODOMETER (or ODO) [number | reset] - Views how many lightyears the starship has traversed. Adding the RESET argument will reset the counter to zero. Providing a number will notify you once the ship has traversed that many sectors. Using 0 will reset this counter and stop keeping track.
CHANNEL - Allows you to enable, disable, authorize and deauthorize people on the starship's communication relay if it is equipped with such an upgrade.
INTRUDER - Marks all lifeforms presently aboard the starship as authorized to be there. This means that anybody who was once considered an intruder will no longer be an intruder.
VEHICLES - Display a list of vehicles currently docked in the vehicle bay.
CONTRIBUTE [amount] - Transfers [amount] credits to the owner of the ship.
SHARE [amount] - Divides [amount] evenly amongst all of the people presently occupying the same ship as you.
HITS [full / all / report / gunners] - Displays a summary of weapon hits.
TRACKING - Toggles the option to announce which part of an enemy ship you hit during combat.
ALERT - Displays what alert status the starship is at.
DISCRIMINATE - Toggles the lifeform discriminator upgrade on or off. Can be used from the control room or outside the ship if you type DISCRIMINATE <ship name>.
SHIP-DOCK - If supported by the local spaceport, allows you to dock another landed ship inside of your ship.
STARSHIPS - Displays a rundown of all starships in the docking bay as well as their mass and power status.
MAINTENANCE - Displays the starship's current maintenance code. (See 'Sabotage')
PANEL - Removes maintenance panels, allowing access to the starship's internal systems. (See 'Sabotage')
MODULATE (or MOD) - Activate the synchronized modulated laser pulse system. (See 'Synchronized Modulated Laser Pulse')
WAVEWARP [coordinates] - Rapidly moves a starship to the specified coordinates, damaging things it comes into contact with along the way. (See 'Wavewarp')
STATUS [upgrade name | category name] - Displays information about a starship's capabilities, including installed upgrades and various statistics.
TIMER - Activates the internal chronometer. Typing TIMER again will end the timer and tell you the total elapsed time since it was activated.
MAIL - Check if you have mail waiting for you.
NAVI - Move continuously in a single direction. (See 'Navigational Automatic Vector Interface')
SELF-DESTRUCT - Destroy the starship. Requires an authorization code if one is set.
DOCK - Attach the ship to the docking ring of a starship in range or, if they have a docking bay, allows you to request entry into their docking bay. (See 'Docking')
UNDOCK - Detach from another starship's docking ring.
FIRSTAID - Retrieve the emergency first air kit from the control room.

The following commands are available to help you out of sticky situations:
MOVEFIX - If your ship is stuck moving (meaning it claims to be moving but really isn't) or you're stuck in a jumpgate, this is the command to use.
MISSIONFIX - If you destroyed all enemy ships in a mission but got no mission complete message, use this command.
CARGOFIX - If anything goes wrong with your cargo, this command should clear it up.

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