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Combat in Miriani is limited to stunning only. There is no death. The following is an introduction to stun combat. The guide assumes that you have a stun gun and stun ammunition.

Note about pulse emitters: Generally speaking, all of this information applies to pulse emitters. The only noteworthy thing is that pulse emitters are for disabling technology, not people. They are to be used on droids, drones, internal stun turrets, etc.

Types of Ammunition
There are several types of ammunition, each of which can either come in a 50-pack or an individual magazine. The types of ammunition are: small (6 shots), regular (12 shots), high capacity (24 shots), and photoballistic (12 shots). Small, regular, and high capacity magazines differ only in the number of shots available per cartridge. Photoballistic magazines, however, inflict more stun time, but they carry less shots.

Bulk Ammunition - 50-packs of ammunition are often the best way to purchase ammunition. Unlike single magazines, bulk ammunition cannot be directly loaded into a weapon. You will first be required to purchase an ammunition storage container. Once you have a container, type PUT 50 IN CONTAINER to load the ammunition into the container. When you want to remove a single magazine from the container, type UNLOAD CONTAINER. Note: What you have to type depends on a number of factors, including the actual name of your ammunition storage container. If your ammo container is called bob, you would type UNLOAD BOB.

Loading Your Weapon
In order to load your stun gun, you must be holding both a stun gun and a single ammunition magazine. Please be aware that attempting to load a 50-pack will not work, as that is a package of 50 magazines instead of a single one. Please see above for more information.

To actually load the weapon, type: LOAD MAGAZINE.

Shooting Somebody
To shoot somebody, you merely type: SHOOT [PERSON]

This assumes you are holding a loaded stun gun. You may also find that certain other things may be shootable, such as aliens.

Unloading Your Weapon
To unload your weapon, simply type: UNLOAD [weapon name]

This will cause the magazine to come out of the gun and into your waiting hand.

Holsters allow a quick and convenient place to store your weapon. Once worn, you can holster your weapon by typing HOLSTER and draw it by typing DRAW. Only one thing can be stored in a holster at a time. If you're wearing multiple holsters, you can specify which to draw by typing DRAW [NUMBER]. So if you're wearing two holsters and want to draw from the second, type DRAW 2.

There isn't much you can do to defend against a stun attack. The best option is to take cover behind an object while taking an elusive stance (explained below). To accomplish taking cover, you type: COVER [OBJECT]. If you're successful, you should be told that you're taking cover behind an object. To step away from the object, type COVER again. If you wish to protect somebody else, you can type PROTECT [PERSON].

If somebody is taking cover behind you, you can step aside to reveal them by typing UNCOVER.

There are four different stances available to you: Elusive, normal, aggressive, and precise. You can change your stance by typing STANCE [stance]. You can see your current stance by just typing STANCE. The following stances are available:

Elusive - Increased chance of dodging a stun attack. Decreased chance of hitting.
Normal - No bonus either way.
Aggressive - Increased chance of hitting a target. Decreased chance of dodging.
Precise - Increased chance of hitting target and doing more damage at the decrease of dodging ability and added roundtime when firing.

It's worth noting that changing your stance won't produce immediate results. While you will get a small bonus, the real bonuses accumulate as you play the game in the stance you chose. When you're unidle on the game, your character will be subconsciously aware of his or her stance. The longer they think about it, the better they will do. As you idle, you will gradually lose the bonus until it's back to the minimal level. This also occurs when you sleep. Please keep in mind that scripts to keep you unidle will now fall under cheating, as it will allow you to keep bonuses that others are not able to keep.

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