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Tradesman Certificates

Tradesman item certificates are a method for a donator to redeem a request to use at a later date. Such requests are placed into a secondary queue, and do not take priority over items requested on Empanda Station. They can also be gifted to other players if you're feeling generous enough! It doesn't matter if the recipient of the gift is a donator or not. It may also be worth noting that the exchange and use of tradesman certificates is out of character, thus you can use and obtain them anywhere in the game except for locations that reside outside of what is considered to be local space (but can't talk about them via IC communication).
Furthermore, tradesman certificates may only be submitted once every two weeks. If you submit a tradesman item certificate and it is completed a day later, you may not submit another one for up to two weeks after that time. Rejections do not incur a waiting period.

@CGIVE <person>
Give <person> a tradesman certificate. Once you have selected a player to gift, you will be prompted for the amount of tradesman certificates you wish to transfer. You can't give more than you have in your account. Typing the command without arguments will prompt you for a player's name. Once complete, you'll see something like:
You give 1 tradesman certificate to Mitchell Morganivich Mihola.
The recipient will see:
Mitchell Morganivich Mihola has just given you 1 tradesman certificate.

Request an item using one of your available certificates. You will be presented with a menu, similar to the one that appears in the Empanda Station tradesman concourse. You must have at least one tradesman certificate to utilize this command. For sake of immersion, this command cannot be utilized while out of local space. Complete all tradesman requests prior to venturing forth into the great beyond.

Obtain a certificate. You will be prompted to confirm the request, and once complete, a tradesman item certificate will be added to your account.

Enter the tradesman item certificate marketplace. You can sell or buy tradesman certificates here for credits. The command may be shortened down to @CM for brevity. Be warned that trades are not audited by the Toastsoft hosts. Confirm at your own risk!
You may also type @CM [on | off] to connect or disconnect from the tradesman market channel. Notifications of new and completed sales are announced here.

See if you're eligible to request a donator item. Note: similarly to the commands above, this command is out of character.

* Tradesman certificates are attached to your account, not your character. This means they stay with you through rerolls.
* If your request is rejected, you will receive a tradesman certificate redemption token in the mail.

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