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Sending and receiving mail can be an exciting adventure for all involved! There is nothing quite like landing your starship and learning that you have a package waiting for you in the mail room of your alliance! If you wish to experience the joys of sending and receiving mail, please read on!

Sending Mail
Kind, gentle people may often find themselves in a position where they wish to send mail to others. To accomplish this, you must first be in a mail center. To send mail, you can choose any mail center in the game.

1.) Type MENU. You will observe a number of things, including packages and letters. The packages each have a number in front of them which indicates how many items can be placed into the package. If you wish to send, say, three items, you would choose option two, the five item package, because you have more than one and less than five.

2 [Letter].) If you're sending a letter, type WRITE LETTER. You will be prompted to input your lines of text, which is where the contents of your letter will go. To finish writing, type a single period on a line all by itself and hit enter.

2 [Package].) Place the items you wish to mail in the package. Let's say you're mailing a stuffed aardvark. You would first type GET AARDVARK if you aren't holding it. You then type: PUT AARDVARK IN PACKAGE. Once your package is full, type CLOSE PACKAGE.

3.) Type SEND LETTER or SEND PACKAGE, depending on your situation. You will be prompted for a player name. Type the name of the person you wish to send your mail to.

That's it! You've sent mail and made someone's day!

Receiving Mail
If you happen to land your starship and discover that you have mail waiting, here are the steps you must follow!

1.) First you must find the mail center for your alliance. To do this, you must locate your alliance's capital planet and type MAP MAIL or MAP POSTAL to find the mail room. As of this writing, the capital planets are: Outreach (Hale), Acrylon (AIE), Angelus (Commonwealth).

2.) Once you are in your mail room, type CHECK. Assuming you have a free hand and mail, you will receive a bundle of mail. You're not done yet!

3.) The bundle of mail is just what it says it is: a bundle of mail. The actual mail itself it contained within the bundle. Let's say you see a letter and a package in the bundle. To read the letter, type GET LETTER FROM BUNDLE. Then type READ LETTER. Once you finish reading the letter, you can type TRASH LETTER or put it in a bag for safe keeping. Now type GET PACKAGE FROM BUNDLE. If the bundle of mail is empty, you can DROP BUNDLE. Now OPEN PACKAGE, look inside, and get whatever was mailed to you!

Delivering Mail
The postal service can sometimes use help. To help them:

1.) Visit a mail center.

2.) Type REQUEST.

3.) Fly to the destination.

4.) Type DELIVER.

Apartment Mailboxes
Sometimes you may want to receive mail in your apartment rather than the lengthy walk to a mail room. Unfortunately, you can only receive mail here, not send it. Some things still require effort.

1.) Visit your apartment's foyer.




Vacuum-safe Containers
Vacuum-safe containers are a special type of package that can survive in the vacuum of space. You fill them up with your message in a bottle (or whatever goods you want) and expel them into space. Then somebody else comes along, salvages it up like debris, and the box is theirs. To launch a container:

1.) Fill the container.

2.) Type CHUTE in the engineering room of a ship in the sector you want to expel in.

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