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Tradesman Rules

* Once a tradesman item is complete, it cannot be added to unless you use another month's tradesman item. For example: You got a baby and you saw that your friend's baby can throw feces at people. So you assist and ask if your baby can do this too. No, it can't. You will have to wait for your next tradesman item and request that ability the next time around. Another example: You want to add toast to your food bot. Sorry, not going to happen. Compile a small list of foods to add on your next tradesman request or live without toast.

* Food dispensing things are limited to 20 items per tradesman request.

* Space stations come with some basic functionalities, such as flight control, security systems, and one or two food stores, but that's it. Any additional special functionality will have to be a tradesman request.

* Houses are likewise limited. You get the house wherever you want it, security systems, and a private garage. Any special items or abilities beyond that will have to be through a tradesman.

* One custom verb per item per month. One item per month. A verb is defined as a special action that the object can perform. If you want a lamp, for example, turning it on and off would count as the verb. Some items come with several verbs already defined, such as pets and babies.

* Tradesman items cannot stun or otherwise incapacitate another player.

* It is fully up to a tradesman to create a way to "defend" against a tradesman item that you receive. For example, room scanning eye patches may be pulseable, towels will wipe off whipped cream or water, etc. If we see a need to balance something or protect players in some way, it may be added. Getting angry won't change a thing.

* Tradesman may also refuse any request for any reason. This can be a balance reason, a work reason, a conflict of interest, or anything else. If your item is refused, you will receive a letter in the mail.

* Since tradesmen are in character entities, you will no longer receive tradesman requests out of local space and out of communications range. You will also no longer receive any kind of tradesman correspondence when out of comms. It is recommended that you finish any kind of tradesman interaction BEFORE taking long trips out. (Yes, this is one of the disadvantages to going out of comms.)

* Tradesman items can be revoked after the fact should they prove to be a danger to gameplay in any way. If this occurs, you will be able to request a new item.

* As tradesman items are considered to be in character, we will not replace lost modifications to items should those items be lost to legitimate in-character activities. For example: If you have rooms renamed in your ship and then you lose your ship, those modifications are lost, much as they would be if you hired somebody to paint a mural in your bedroom and your house burned down.

* If you request an item that is copying another person's item (e.g. you want a copy of somebody's vanity), that counts as a single request. You will NOT be able to add additional options on top of that. Similarly, asking for a copy of an item and then making modifications to its functionality is prohibited. The only acceptable modifications you may request on a copy of an item are its name and description be changed for your version. Changing messages, menus, or anything else will require another tradesman request. (See board post 77469)

* Items that modify walking style should follow these guidelines:
- Single words. (e.g. runs, sprints, meanders)
- No flying, levitating, or hovering. (You would hurt yourself!)
- Styles should make sense in the context of shoes. (e.g. ice skates probably won't roll you around on tank treads)

* Pulse emitters and stun guns must have pulse or stun in the name somewhere.

* Unless it makes sense for your item to perform some sort of action constantly, don't include actions in its description. A dog isn't always going to be sniffing around or wagging his tail, nor is a baby always going to be smiling or kicking her legs and waving her arms. Avoid using adjectives in the description, such as cute or adorable

* Item names should NOT be item descriptions! If you have a pet, please include the bare minimum in the title and save the rest for the description. If your pet has a name, you should include the name in the description, not the title. Avoid using adjectives in the name, such as cute or adorable.
- YES: a purple tabby cat
- YES: an obese saint bernard
- NO: a meat grinder blender combo named Charles that has a translucent cylindrical body with several sharp blades visible on the inside and a darling control panel along the front that has several flashing lights and knobs and controls of varying types along with rubber feet on the bottom that allow the grinder blender to remain sturdy where it may stand it also has a collar around its neck reading 'Charles' to indicate that the meat grinder blender combo can be addressed as 'Charles' and also to demonstrate his classy heritage

* You're limited to 20 announces per request. Announces are things like random actions, random sayings, or generally anything that is randomly announced to a room.

* Requesting items to be made from scratch that would normally require points to purchase is prohibited. The exception to this rule is if you have a specific object that you purchased, and later request modifications to, such as name and description. Note, you must have purchased this item yourself. We will not modify items for one person, if the object they reference belongs to someone else.


These rules are subject to change during tradesman events. If that's the case, the tradesman doing the event will notify you of any special rules or any lifted rules.

Assists from here on regarding adding things to tradesman items, requesting special items for a house or a space station, asking when your donator item will be done, or requesting any item at all will be force cancelled. Please use the tradesman center on Empanda.

Now, as per message board post 99376, here is a list of what is and is not allowed to ask for as tradesman items:

Tradesman items that are allowed:
* Anything that there is already a tradesman lab for
* Slime machines
* Scent machines
* Swords, knives, etc. (Comes with a sheath)
* Combat suits with or without a pulse emitter
* Many different varieties of pets: dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc.
* Stun detectors (Both the kind that require them to be USEd or the kind that you LOOK at another player to see stun time displayed)
* Custom clothing items
* Item renames and descriptions
* Custom communicators and metafrequency devices
* Custom point units
* Custom message boards
* Custom pulse emitters
* Verb additions to existing items (Please note there is a hard limit of one verb per item per request)
* Room modifications, such as room messages, making rooms fishable, etc. (Please note, there is a limit of ten rooms that can be modified per request)
* Additions to stores on private structures (Note that the same rules apply as setting a room as a store, only the structure's primary owner is allowed to request modifications or additions)
* Adding food menus to house rooms
* Priests that can perform weddings and give blessings
* Rollercoaster items

Things that are not allowed:
* Kilns
* NPC's that are not priests (This includes bartenders such as can be found at Commoveo or Plump Paul's)
* Anything that requires points (If you wish to modify an existing item you own that required points to obtain, know that it will not be flagged as a tradesman item and carry over across rerolls)
* No items that create furniture or clothing
* Strange or exotic pets (This includes wild animals that could not be domesticated in real life, mythical creatures, hovering castles that follow players around and hold their belongings, etc.)
* Shoes that make you float or hover
* Milkable cows

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