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Interdictors are small objects that will block wormhole travel in a sector as well as navigation from the interdicted sector to adjacent ones. They prevent the use of both jumpgates and FTL drives.

To use interdictors, you must first have an interdictor launcher. You will then need to buy interdictors to load into the launcher. Once you buy them, you may type STAT LAUNCHERS in your control room to show how many are immediately available for launching. Typing CHECK in the storage room tells you how many are in reserve in the proximity storage box.

Type INTERDICT. This will launch an interdictor. Be aware that interdictors are indiscriminate and will block your FTL travel as well as your enemies.

Additional Commands:
DESTROY - This will allow you to destroy all of the interdictors you have launched in the sector.

Destroying Enemy Interdictors:
Interdictors can be destroyed by convential weapons (laser turrets and bardenium cannons).

Other Notes:
You can only launch four interdictors in a sector at a time.

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