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Proximity Weapons

Proximity weapons are weapons that can be deployed in space that will damage starships that come within one unit of them. At this time, the only proximity weapons available are space mines, proximity laser turrets, and push pulses.

To use proximity weapons, you must first have a proximity weapons launcher. Afterwards, you will then need to buy space mines, automated laser turrets, and push pulses to load into the launcher. Once you buy them, you may type STAT LAUNCHERS in your control room to show how many are immediately available for launching. Typing CHECK in the storage room tells you how many are in reserve in the proximity storage box.

To launch proximity weapons, you simply type PROX in the control room. You will be presented with a list of weapons available to you. Once you select one, it will be launched. Proximity weapon launchers are imprecise; the weapon will be randomly launched somewhere around your ship, so it can take some effort to get the weapons where you want them. If you run out of proximity weapons that are available to launch, you will need to get some from the reserve in your proximity weapons storage box. In order to move proximity weapons from the storage room to be available for launching, you need to type TRANSFER in the storage room.

Proximity Mine - When a starship comes within one unit of a mine, the mine will explode and inflict damage on the starship in range.
Proximity Laser Turret - When a starship comes within one unit of the turret, it will continue firing at the starship until either it or the starship is destroyed or the starship leaves the turret's firing range.
Push Pulse - When a starship comes into contact with a push pulse, it will be "pushed" in the direction opposite of where it originated. If it's pushed into another object, it will incur damage, some of which may be extreme (especially if pushed into a nearby planet or star).

Additional Commands:
DESTROY - This will allow you to destroy all of the proximity weapons you have launched in the sector.

Destroying Enemy Proximity Weapons:
Proximity weapons can be destroyed by conventional weapons (laser turrets and bardenium cannons) or, more easily, by launching combat drones and instructing them to target proximity weapons.

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