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Blockades are small objects that, simply put, exist to block the path of another object. They can be used to restrict access to planets, starships, interdictors, or anything else by filling the coordinates around the object with blockades.

To use blockades, you must first have a blockade launcher. You will then need to buy replacement blockades, likely from the same location you bought the launcher from. Blockades can be loaded either into the ship's launchers, where they become immediately available, or into a proximity weapon storage box if your ship is equipped with one. Once you buy them, you may type STAT LAUNCHERS in your control room to show how many are immediately available for launching. Typing CHECK in the storage room tells you how many are in reserve in the proximity storage box.

Type BLOCKADE (or simply BLOCK). You will receive a menu of choices;

Galactic East Shield - This will (assuming you have sufficient blockades available) fill every space one unit east of your ship with a blockade.
Galactic West Shield - Same as above, only for west.
Full Shield - This will surround your ship with blockades.
Single Blockade - This allows you to launch a blockade in whatever direction you desire.

Remember to blockade the Z-axis as well if you intend to deny access.

If you run out of blockades that are available to launch, you will need to get some from the reserve in your proximity weapons storage box. In order to move blockades from the storage room to be available for launching, you need to type TRANSFER in the storage room.

Additional Commands:
DESTROY - This will allow you to destroy all of the blockades you have launched in the sector.

Destroying Enemy Blockades:
Blockades can be destroyed by convential weapons (laser turrets and bardenium cannons) or, more easily, by launching combat drones and instructing them to target blockades.

Blockades will deteriorate five hours after launching.

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