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Building Commands

As you advance through your Miriani piloting career, you may find that you have accumulated enough wealth and prestige to begin thinking about making a more permanent presence for yourself. Be it a house, a space station, or even a planetary colony, you will need to build it up. The following commands will help you in your journey:

Command: Dig
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: dig [direction] to [room name]
dig [direction]
dig enter
dig enter to [room name]
This command allows you to create a new room in the specified direction. If you don't specify a room name, Miriani will attempt to automatically link the room you're into to the room [direction] from you. To find out which room is in any given direction, you can type PREDICT [direction]. Using 'enter' in place of a direction will make a biometrically protected door that you must ENTER to go through. You can only do this from a room that is outdoors.

Command: Dig-Go
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: dig-go [exit name] to [room name]
Create a non-directional exit that must be entered using the GO command.

Command: Parent
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: parent
Allows you to select what type of room you wish to change the current room into. For instance, if you want the room you're standing in to become a docking bay, you simply type PARENT and choose docking bay.

Command: Demolish
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: demolish [direction]
Allows you to demolish a single room in the direction you specify. This command will only proceed, however, if the room you're demolishing will not leave other sections of your station/house inaccessible. Imagine a situation where you have an area that forms a large circle with two connected rooms in the center. If you demolish the room to the east, it would succeed because you could still reach the second middle room from the other side of the circle. Typically one will only be demolishing rooms that only have a single exit (returning to the room you're standing in)

Command: Demolish-exit
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: demolish-exit [direction]
Allows you to remove a single exit (and its return exit) without destroying any rooms. The command will refuse to run if removing the exit will leave rooms inaccessible.

Command: Demolish-Go
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: demolish-go [exit name]
Removes a non-directional GO exit.

Command: Predict
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: predict [direction]
This command allows you to check what room you'll be linking to if you try and connect two rooms. If this makes no sense, here is an example:
You have dug a room north from your current position (room A), and another to the east (room B). If you wanted to form a triangle, you could walk east to room B and then PREDICT NW. The game would then recognize room A and inform you that room A exists northwest. Using this information, you can then DIG NW to make the connection and form the triangle.

Command: Describe
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: describe
Prompts you to submit a new description for the room you're currently standing in.

Command: Rename
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: rename
Prompts you to submit a new name for the room you're currently standing in.

Command: Dooradd
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: dooradd [direction]
Allows you to create a door in the given direction. The appropriate prefix for the door will be automatically applied, so you should name a door 'blue metal door' rather than 'a blue metal door'.

Command: Doorremove
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: doorremove [direction]
This allows you to remove doors which have been added with the dooradd command.

Command: Doorreset
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: doorreset
Resets the password on a locked door if you're an owner of the property.

Command: Biometric
Applies: Security center
Syntax: biometric
Allows you to add and remove the biometric registrants for each individual biometric door.

Command: Biolock
Applies: In rooms with biometric doors in them
Syntax: biolock
Allows you to add or remove biometric identities from the door you're standing next to.

Command: Flight
Applies: Security center
Syntax: flight
Allows you to configure flight control settings.

Command: Authorize
Applies: House rooms, security centers
Syntax: authorize
Allows you to add and remove caretakers and owners.

Command: Camera
Applies: Anywhere, except houses
Syntax: camera
Allows you to add or remove security cameras, which are visible from the security center.

Command: Tur
Applies: Security center
Syntax: tur [on | off]
Allows you to enable or disable the security cameras. It is worth noting that you cannot specify a location as an argument like you can in a starship, and they have no turrets attached to them, so selecting one from the list that appears if you type tur with no arguments will merely enable or disable the cameras.

Command: Boot
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: boot [person]
Allows you to boot a specific person or droid. By default, they will be booted to the docking bay, landing pad, or house entrance.

Command: PA
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: pa [toggle | message]
The toggle argument will allow you to enable or disable the PA system. If you use a message, your message will be transmitted to everybody on the station or in the house. PA will not work for outdoor rooms.

Command: Status
Applies: Security center
Syntax: status
Shows various information about the property, such as how many rooms you have built, how much the property is worth, etc.

Command: Menu
Applies: Garage
Syntax: menu
Allows you to authorize and deauthorize people from the garage.

Command: LP
Applies: Garage
Syntax: lp
This command lets you choose which landing pads the garage should be linked to. This requires that you're an owner of the station, moon, or planet where the garage is located.

Command: Garages
Applies: Landing Pad
Syntax: garages
This command lets you choose which garages the landing pad should be linked to. It requires that you own the station, moon, or planet where the landing pad is located.

Command: @Shop
Applies: Anywhere, except houses
Syntax: @shop
Allows you to set the current room up as a shop. When you execute the command you will be given the opportunity to create a menu and then send it to the hosts for approval.

Command: Starmap (SM)
Applies: Observation room
Syntax: sm (see HELP STARMAP)
Shows a starmap of the surrounding space.

Command: Public
Applies: House rooms
Syntax: public
Toggles public access to the house.

Command: Groups
Applies: House rooms, security centers
Syntax: groups
Configures access groups, which are lists of members that have access to certain privileges.

Command: @outside
Applies: Anywhere
Syntax: @outside
Tells you if the room is an indoor or outdoor room.

Command: Reviews
Applies: House rooms, security centers
Syntax: reviews
Shows building reviews that are less than one month old. These may include approvals/rejections of room renames, room descriptions, and doors.

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