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Q: What do I need to get a house?
A: Houses are 5000 points and two billion credits up front plus an additional fee (10 million) for each room you add.

Q: Where can a house be located?
A: A house can be located on any planet, moon, or spacestation other than: Acrylon, Angelus, Outreach, Miriani, Pax, Empanda, Aquili, Freistadt, Charon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Luna, Earth, Caranza, Griswold, Kentos, Tusckillium, Europa, any of the stations in sector 19, any planet or moon in sector 12, any planet, moon or structure in sector 30, the Jump Hub Station in sector 0, and any player-owned space station or planet unless you have the permission of the station or planet owner. These are subject to change and other places may be added at any time.

Q: What can a house have?!
A: A house will come with a way to boot anyone out of the house, a biometric entrance where you can set the people you want able to come in, an optional pool, an optional hot tub, an optional private garage, and the ability to create the design of the house exactly as you'd like it and describe all the rooms yourself.

Q: How do I get a house?
A: There are a few ways of going about getting a new house. Firstly, you can ASSIST and tell a host you want to build a new house. You can then go about building it room by room as time and credits permit. Secondly, you can use an architectural design simulator and when your blueprint is completed to your liking, you can submit it through the simulator's interface.

Q: I don't want my house to be at this location anymore. How can I get it moved?
A: For a fee of 1,000,000,000 credits, you can assist and have your house relocated. This fee is non-negociable. Think of it as having to break up your house into segments and send it by truck across country. Moving houses is a very tedious process, so in order to curb the constant requests to relocate, we had to impose a fee.

*** It is worth noting that if your house is built on a private structure, such as a space station, moon or planet that does not belong to you and the owner of the property denies you access, it is entirely an in character issue. Furthermore, if the property's owner is no longer in the game and another party purchases the property, it is not the responsibility or obligation of the hosts to move your house for you free of charge.

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