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Player-owned Space Stations, Moons, and Planets


Q: What do I need to get a planet, moon, or spacestation?
A: For spacestations, you need 10 billion credits and 10000 points. For moons, you need 20 billion credits and 15000 points. For planets, you need 30 billion credits and 25000 points. You also pay additional fees for each room you add.

Q: Where can I put my spacestation, planet, or moon?
A: In any sector, including places out of local space, except sector 24, sector 15, sector 12, sector 9, sector 13, sector 19, sector 0, sector 30, sector 115, sector 14 and sector 32. These sectors are subject to change and can be added to at any time.

Q: What can these fine places have?!
A: They can have an optional pool, an optional hot tub, and an optional private garage. You also may have a security center which allows you to control flight control and monitor rooms on the station, planet, or moon. You can also have a room that monitors the sector around your station, planet, or moon. Additionally, you're allowed to have five custom item stores for a station, seven custom item stores for a moon, and nine custom item stores for a planet. Please note that for the initial number of stores based on the structure, it will cost 500,000,000 credits. These credits will be taken from you at the time the store is approved. Please also note that if you do not have the cash on hand, you will be thrown into debt that you will likely never recover from. Any additional stores will have to be a tradesman item. Custom item stores are defined as stores with special clothing, food or other collectable items. You may have a transport pod as long as the station, planet, or moon is not out of local space. Player-owned space stations, planets, and moons cannot contain facilities that allow for point transfers to take place, including artifact research centers, passenger transport facilities, etc. Stations, planets and moons cannot be self-contained. This means you cannot design a station that eliminates your need to travel to other planets to obtain specific services or goods. Example: starship registries.

Q: Can my station be armed?!?!
A: Sorry, no.

Q: Can I keep people out of my station, planet, or moon?
A: You can control flight control which will deny docking to a whole alliance, everybody but owners and caretakers, or specific ships based on your choice. If landing is disabled to all, even the ITPN station becomes non-functional.

Q: ITPN Stations??! Oh my oh my! What do they entail?!
A: All private space stations, moons and planets are required to have an ITPN station on them. These stations cannot be past a security checkpoint, meaning that everybody has to be able to get to them. ITPN stations may have only a single destination. The destination is determined by the sector that your private space station, moon or planet is in. If there is already a planet, moon or station in the sector you are building in, your ITPN destination goes to that location. Otherwise, the ITPN pod will go to the sector hub. That's Pax for sectors 1 through 20, and the ITPN hub in sector 33 for sectors 21 through 40. An example would be if a person build a moon in sector 31. There is a planet there with an ITPN station already, so the one on the private moon would go to that planet, which would then go to the hub. Private space stations, moons and planets not in a numbered sector can not have an ITPN station.

Q: My neighbours are noisy and annoying. How can I move my station to a different sector?
A: For the respectable fee of 2 billion credits, you can have your station relocated to a different sector and at a different set of coordinates. Private moons and planets cannot be relocated.

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