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Welcome to Miriani!

First things first: Type POLICY
Read every single one. These are the rules that you agree to follow when you play Miriani. If you can't read them all right now, please visit for a brief summary. But please read them all carefully when you have time, as the summary doesn't include all of the information.

If you're using a screen reader to play Miriani, we highly recommend that you type SIGHT. This will disable some of the visual elements in the game, making it easier for your screen reader to parse the information presented. Additionally, you may be able to find a soundpack to make the game easier to play by typing @SOUNDPACKS. Be aware, however, that it may be dangerous to download files from unknown sources. These soundpacks are not created by or reviewed by the Miriani hosts, so tread with caution.

Don't forget to check the other help files out. They contain extremely valuable information. You can obtain a full listing of available help files by typing HELP or by visiting

A quick guide to starting out:

1.) Movement is via directions, that is: N, E, S, W, NE, NW, SE, SW

Moving around is something you need to do if you want to get out and about in the world of Miriani. You can see a description of the room you are in, as well as the available exits by typing LOOK, or L. In order to move to an exit, just type the name of the exit, be it NORTH, EAST, or even SOUTHWEST. Directional exits can always be abbreviated.

If you get lost or can't find something, you can type MAP to get a map of the area. If you add a number after that (such as MAP 20), you can increase the range of the map. If you're using a screen reader or need directions, you can also type MAP <Name> to get a map to a specific area. MAP SHIP, for example, would give you directions to the ship store. Similarly, to automatically walk somewhere by name, you can type WALK <name> and your character will take care of the rest.

2.) Loans, Credits and Starships (AKA: How do I get started?)

The easiest way to begin on Miriani is to get a ship. A cargo hauler is best suited to someone with no experience and or points. To apply for a loan, move to the nearest ATM. The ATM can be accessed by typing the command USE ATM. From there, follow the on-screen instructions and apply for your loan. Oh, but be warned that you will at one point have to pay back your loan, so make sure you do! Your money can be viewed with the CASH command.

Once you have some credits, it's time to buy your very first starship, a cargo hauler! Find the starship store and type MENU to get a list of starships available. At the moment, you can only purchase a cargo hauler, so type BUY 1. You will be prompted to name your new ship, and then given a key to it. You will find your new ship on the landing pad.

3.) You have a keyring! Use it!

Once you start rolling in the ships, it may be time to start putting all the cumbersome keys on a keyring. Your character comes with a keyring, and you can see what is on it by typing LOOK KEYRING. You may place a ship key on said keyring by utilizing the age-old PUT command; more specifically, PUT KEY ON KEYRING. Putting a key on the ring will allow for automated locking and unlocking as you traverse your ship's airlock. You can enter your ship using ENTER <SHIP NAME>.

4.) The [N] doesn't stand for Noxious!

It stands for Newbie. If you have the Newbie tag on (a quick LOOK ME should show you. Look next to your name), you are identified to other players as a Newbie. As unwarranted attacks on Newbie flagged players is looked down upon, removal of points and perhaps long periods of stun time may follow. For more information, type POLICY 2.

5.) Oh no! My ship is out of power!

Your ship has a set CHARGE, and its battery will only last so long. To recharge your ship's batteries: Land on a landing pad, go outside your ship, and type RECHARGE. That will get you back on track, and up in the air. It's also a good idea to carry one or two charge boosters around with you. These can be purchased in ship supply stores and you can USE them for a quick charge boost.

6.) Your communicator is your best friend.

Communication is vital. When you first start playing Miriani, you will be given a receiver-only communicator. You will almost certainly desire a more appealing, fully functional communicator, which you can find one in a communication store. From any landing pad, you should be able to find a communications store using the MAP command (It's the C) or by typing MAP COMM. Once inside, you can type MENU to bring up a list of available communicators. Once you find what you want, type BUY <Item Number>. If you have enough credits, you will be notified of the transfer, and have a brand new communicator in your hand. Next, you want to REMOVE RECEIVER to remove your old communicator.

Since the receiver-only communicator is now superfluous, you will probably want to type PUT RECEIVER IN TRASH (or GARBAGE, depending on the type of waste receptacle in the area). Follow this by WEAR COMMUNICATOR, and your brand new communicator should be equipped and quite functional! Go ahead and try it out... TRANSMIT CHATTER <MESSAGE> will put you over the chatter communication channel, while TRANSMIT <CHANNEL #> <MESSAGE> will put you over your alliance's channels.

There is also a channel for day-to-day chatter, aptly called the chatter channel. If you want to tune in to it, you can type UNMUTE COMMUNICATOR and choose the chatter channel from the list. Be warned, however, that this channel can be busy and may not have the most professional topics of conversation. See HELP COMMUNICATORS for a breakdown of how communicators work.

7.) In character or out of character?!

If you are talking over comms, you are always required to be in character- We don't want to hear things like 'LOL' or ':(', or anything of the sort over the communicators. You are also required to be in character during any in-game events hosted by the staff, or otherwise. Individual rooms (for the most part) are unmonitored and it is up to the discretion of the other players in the room if you are required to be in character or not.

8.) I require assistance!

If you require more assistance, do not be afraid to ask other players first. Nine times out of ten, another player can help you out in figuring out how to play. You may also ask over the NEWBIE channel any questions that you cannot ask over coms in an in character way, such as what a command is. If no one online can answer your very important question, you may ASSIST to get a staff member to help you. Please use ASSIST carefully, and only if you REALLY need to. Make sure you have exhausted all other options before calling an ASSIST.

9.) I see random non-players. Why?

Various rooms have NPCs that will provide you with helpful information. To talk to them, type: TALK <NPC NAME> or TALK TO <NPC NAME>. For example, if you see Bert the Lore Computer Expert, you can type: TALK BERT to get some helpful information about Lore computers.

10.) My ship is in a garage. How do I get it out?

You can type TRANSPORT <name of ship> if you're in the garage, or you can type REQUEST <name of ship> ON KEYRING if you're on the landing pad.

11.) Help! How do I get into the garage?

Garages are usually located down from the landing pad. If this isn't the case, you may have to type GO GARAGE.

12.) I wish to see color! And various other options.

You can activate color and color options by typing COLOR-OPTIONS. That's color dash options. Miriani also has a number of other general options that you can set by typing OPTIONS.

13.) Why are words in help files or letters or descriptions or transmissions randomly in all caps? For instance, my courier promotion letter tells me about REQUESTing. Are these typos?

Nope! When a word is in all caps, there's a good chance that it's a command that you can execute. In the case of REQUESTing, that means you can type request in the courier ship center to receive your new ship.

14.) Where do I go from here?

A good next step would be HELP FAQ for even more frequently asked questions.

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