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For more complete information on donating (including how to donate), please see:

NOTE: Please be aware that ALL UPGRADES are available to EVERYBODY, despite their donator status. Donating merely gains you access to a more convenient way to obtain the upgrades. They are all in one place rather than flying to 50 different planets. Miriani is a free game and donating merely provides you with conveniences and little things that make no real difference to the game. You will never be expected to pay to receive advanced technology.

This donation program is liable to change or discontinue at any time. If the service were to discontinue, refunds will not be issued. By participating in the donator program or Miriani (or TSPM), you must follow all rules and policies outlined on the appropriate websites and on the MOO itself. Failure to comply with the policies can result in the termination of your donator status without a refund. Please note that the administrators reserve the right to cancel your donator membership at any time they see fit and any decisions made by them are final. By donating, you indicate that you have read and agree to any of the terms and conditions outlined here.

Donator Benefits:

* Access to special donator tradesman events (and possibly even the ability to request a tradesman). Tradesman are people who will make custom items for you, which may or may not include custom verbs. For instructions on requesting a tradesman, please see below.
* Access to an all-in-one starship upgrade center. Tell them what you want and they'll get it for you. Note: This service will not work fully during war time, depending on alliance relations between your alliance and the alliance supplying the upgrades.
* Access to a convenient shopping nexus that provides access to all of your favorite gadgets and items in one place.
* Feel special by gaining entrance into a special area reserved for donators, including private apartments, fine dining and special items not found anywhere else in the galaxy.
* Private apartments that include private garages, room names and descriptions. (Just use the RENAME and DESCRIBE commands respectively.)
*** NOTE *** If your donation time lapses, you will lose access to your apartment on Empanda. You will receive a letter in the mail prior to the expiration of your donator benefits.

Donator Tradesman Rules:

* The tradesman has the right to say no and will do so if you ask for any item that requires points to get, unless if you're modifying an item you already bought.
* Items that allow you to stun others will also not be allowed unless it is again modifying something you already own or is very very limited stun time (someone gets 3 seconds while you get one).
* Tradesman items require a rather large amount of time to be created, especially when we have many requests at once. Therefore, we will give our best effort to ensure donators get an item once every 30 days, however, this time frame is not a guarantee as sometimes it may take longer for the item to be completed. That said, the 30 days between items starts upon receipt of the requested item.
* Items you request will not necessarily be done at the moment you request them, but will get done as promptly as possible.

Tradesman Certificates:

Tradesman certificates are to be seen as OOC items that are redeemed for an IC tradesman item (such as a pet, baby, roller coaster, large cupcake, etc). Because they are to be considered OOC, we do not want anyone to mention them on IC communicators. They are to be treated similarly to host applications. Although you can receive them in the game, you understand they are a means to an OOC purpose and are not to be mentioned in the game.
Please see HELP TRADESMAN CERTIFICATES for specific rules encompassing tradesman certificates.


If you mistakenly donate, please contact us immediately at We're able, and willing, to reverse the transaction with PayPal without anybody incurring any fees. It's important that you don't initiate a chargeback on your credit card, as this will cause unnecessary fees and complications for both sides. Simply e-mail us and we can have PayPal cancel the payment and return your money fee free.

We will only refund donations one week after receiving them, provided you have not taken advantage of the donator benefits outlined above.

Please be aware that we will NOT reimburse you for accumulated donator time. This means that if you have two months of donator time remaining, you CANNOT request that we send you $10 in exchange for removing your donator time. Donations are not to be considered savings accounts, prepaid credit cards, bank accounts, ATMs, or any other service that allows you access to funds on a whim.

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