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Ship Stores

Starship stores allow you to purchase starships as well as manipulate keys.

MAKE - This will create a new key for any starship you own.
DUPLICATE <key> - This command will duplicate <key>. Note that this will work with any key you have. You do not have to own the starship.
INVALIDATE - This allows you to invalidate any key to a starship that you own.
SELL - Sells your starship to the store.
TRANSFER - Allows you to transfer ownership of one of your starships to another person.
POINTS - Displays the point requirements for the ships in the store.
INFO - Displays information about the ships available in the store.
WORTH - Informs you of the approximate worth of your starships.
DISOWN - Allows you to unregister a specialty starship. It requires two days to process and you will be unable to purchase a new specialty starship for two weeks. NOTE: You do not receive any credits, or a salvage container, for disowned starships!

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