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There are many, many stores in Miriani which sells items ranging from starship upgrades to worms. Unlike other games, the stores in Miriani provide you with a variety of ways to shop. This help file will serve as a small introduction to the various features of stores.

Store Command Overview
MENU - Displays a list of items for sale.
BUY <item> OR BUY <number> of <item> OR BUY <list of items> - Purchases an item.
VIEW <item> - Displays available options for an item.
POINTS - Shows how many points are required to purchase items.

Introduction to Shopping
Upon entering a store, the first thing you'll want to type is MENU. This allows you to see a list of all of the items available from a store. A typical menu may look something along the lines of this:

- Generic Standard Supply Store -

1) Charge Booster 800,000.00

2) Destination Finder 1,000,000.00

The first thing you'll notice is the title of the store. The second thing is a category, called Batteries. The next line has three pieces of information. The first item is the item number. The second is the item's name and the third is the price of the item.

Once you find an item that you wish to buy, you'll want to utilize the BUY command. There are a number of ways to do this, so we'll start with the most basic.

To buy a charge booster, you would simply type 'BUY 1'. Assuming you have enough credits and a free hand, your credits will transfer and you will receive a charge booster.

If you have a need for, say, four charge boosters, there is a quicker way to accomplish this than to 'BUY 1' four times. This is where you can type 'BUY 4 OF 1' which will, assuming you have enough credits to purchase four of item number one, transfer the credits to the store and place your items into a shopping bag.

The last syntax for BUY allows you to buy multiple items at the same time. If you value your time and don't want to bother buying items and putting them away, you can buy everything at once and have it placed into a shopping bag to go through later. To do this, you would type 'BUY 1, 2' to buy both item 1 and item 2.

Once you retrieve your items from the shopping bag, you can drop it or place it in a trash can to dispose of it.

Options and Buying
Some items come with several options. A communicator, for example, may have several different colors and styles to choose from. If you wish to get an idea of what options are available to you before you buy an item, you can type 'VIEW <item>' When you actually go to purchase an item (or multiple items), you will be presented with a menu of options for each item. Please be aware that there is no way to abort the option choosing process, so any attempts to do so will result in the object being purchased with the default options. This is to ensure that you don't lose credits when you attempt to abort multiple purchases.

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