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Sabotage Devices

Relativity Damper: Reduces the amount of microwave radiation inside the resonance cavity, decreasing the radiation pressure and slowing down the drive.

Cannon Ignition Inhibitor: Disables the electrical charge that gets applied to bardenium upon launch. The cannons will still fire, but the bardenium will remain uncharged, vastly reducing its damage potential.

Energy Deefficiencifier: Wastes energy into heat. Affected ships will find their charge drains faster.

Sensor Bandwidth Inhibitor: Sensors (scan, focus, starmap, etc) will take longer to retrieve data.

Exotic Matter Contaminator: Taps into the exotic matter lines and introduces contaminates. This causes wormhole jumps to fail 50% of the time. It can only be used 3 times before the supply of contaminates runs out and the device is rendered inert.

External Communication Jammer: Silences the external communication system.

Internal Communication Jammer: Silences the PA system.

Internal Communication Monitor: Transmits PA messages to a source up to 1 LY away. This device REQUIRES the use of a remote activator, which is where transmissions will be relayed through.

Autopilot Scrambler: Has a 50% chance of causing autopilot to behave as if the ship was in a sector with sensor interference.

Manual Navigation Scrambler: Has a 50% chance to cause the ship to fly in a random direction instead of the intended direction.

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