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The recent trend in self-industrialization afforded by asteroid mining has given rise to a number of new devices. Among these are several devices that can be used to interfere with, or suppress, the standard functions of a starship's operations. These aptly named 'sabotage devices' are portable and easy to hide in a ship's systems, making them ideal for covert operations that require a target starship to become incapacitated for a short period of time.

First, make sure you have at least 3000 license points. It will require that many to actually use the device, but it may require more if you intend to build it yourself. But for our purposes we're merely using it, so make sure you have 3000 or more. Then...

1.) Pick a room to install the device in. Some devices may require that they be installed in a certain type of room. These should be fairly obvious (weapon sabotage likely goes in a weapon room) and will be left as an exercise to the reader.
2.) Access the room's maintenance panel with the PANEL command.
3.) Install the device with the INSTALL command.
4.) Make a visit to the starship's control room or engineering room and write down the ship's current maintenance code with the MAINTENANCE command.
5.) Initialize your device with the INITIALIZE command. This will require the maintenance code that you wrote down earlier.
6.) Activate the device with the ACTIVATE command or a remote activation device. (Note that a remote activation device will require 12,500 points to use.)

Remote Activation
Certain devices can be left dormant until you choose to activate them from afar. A remote activation device will allow you to activate your sabotage devices from within the same sector. You simply USE the activation device and select the sabotage device that you wish to activate.

Maintenance Code Gotchas
Starship maintenance codes are security measures employed to ensure that only authorized users can perform maintenance on any given ship. As such, the maintenance code will change each time it's used, or each time the starship is powered up. You will likely not be able to obtain a maintenance code for a ship and store it for later use, as the code can change often and invalidate any previous codes. As such, each device you install in a ship will require a different maintenance code from the others.

Removing the devices is as simple as opening the PANEL and using the UNINSTALL command. The device's internal electronics will be destroyed, rendering it useless.

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