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Room Poses

ROOM-POSE [pose | clear | off | <player name> | <object name>]

Room poses allow you to include custom text after your name, or an object's name, in a room's description. Ideally, this would be text indicating your default position in the room. You might be leaning against your starship, curled up in a ball in the corner, idly twirling your hair, splayed out in a chair, etc. They should not show continuous action, like spitting on the ground, doing pushups, running around in circles, etc.

Room poses can contain object names and, for convenience, the game will automatically match to objects in the room if you use a dash in front of a partial name. For example, if you want to indicate that you're standing with one foot atop a large book in the room called 'a tome of lore and longwindedness', you wouldn't need to type out the entire name of the book. Instead, you can simply type: -tome

We ask that players be mature and courteous with the use of this command. Anybody walking in off the street will see this text, so please keep it tasteful. You should absolutely avoid and, if seen, REPORT any offensive room poses or people abusing it to mislead other into believing that another player (or even the player themself) is doing something that they cannot or should not be doing. If you find that somebody is matching your name in the room in a way you believe to be inappropriate, you can dissolve their room pose by typing RPOSE <player's name>.

The ROOM-POSE command with no arguments will display your last five room poses for convenient recall if you should move to another room.

The PEOPLE command can be used to see how your pose will appear to other players. To do this, you need to supply an argument to the command. For example: PEOPLE ME

The ROOM-POSE command can also be piped through the E2 command, allowing you to announce to the room at the same time as you change your pose. The syntax for that can be slightly complicated, so here is an example demonstrating how to show the room that you're leaning against a wall: E2 leans against the wall. | rpose leaning against the wall

You can also use room poses on objects. The same restrictions apply to objects that apply to your own room pose. Additionally, objects with room poses must be bolted down. In order to apply a room pose to an object, you must have the same permissions that are required to bolt objects down. Generally, this means that you must own the room in which you're posing the object in or otherwise be authorized to control the room. The syntax for this is: ROOM-POSE <object name>. You will then be prompted for a pose. To close an existing pose, hit enter at the prompt.

* If you have something after your name in parenthesis, your pose will not appear. This prevents overriding pre-programmed systems with custom text.
* Your pose will clear every time you enter a new room. However, the ROOM-POSE command maintains a memory of your last five poses.
* You can't use another player's name after a comma or the word AND to prevent tricking people into thinking they're doing something that they aren't.
* At present, you're limited to 100 character poses.
* Poses cannot contain parenthesis.
* If you're found to be abusing the command, you will have your ability to use it revoked.

ROOM-POSE leaning against the wall
ROOM-POSE standing with one leg atop -tome

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