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Grouped Room Poses


Grouped room poses allow you to assign a single room pose to a number of different objects. This prevents redundancy in the room description and lets you do things that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to do with standard groups.

To start, you will want to create a new pose. You can use the GROUP-POSE command or, for short, GPOSE. This will open a simple menu of choices. Choose the "New Group Pose" option and type in your pose. For our example, we'll say: "piled in front of a control console"

The next question asks if you want the pose to appear before or after the list of objects. If you say before, then your pose will be printed first and then the objects after it. (e.g. a heavy blanket covering <objects>.) If you choose after, then the opposite will be true. For our example, we'll choose after.

Once your pose is created, nothing will happen at all! Not very useful. So go back into the GPOSE command and select the pose you just created. This will present you with a new menu that allows you to add objects, remove objects, change the pose position (before or after the object list), edit the pose, or delete it entirely.

After the objects have been added, LOOK and you will see that they're now all together and associated with the pose you set. That's all there is to it!

NOTE: If you want posed objects to appear on their own line, you can do so from the ROOM-OPTIONS command. At the time of this writing it's option 20, 'Separate Grouped Room Poses From Normal Contents'

* If you have something after your name in parenthesis, your pose will not appear. This prevents overriding pre-programmed systems with custom text.
* You can't use another player's name after a comma or the word AND to prevent tricking people into thinking they're doing something that they aren't.
* At present, you're limited to 100 character poses.
* Poses cannot contain parenthesis.
* If you're found to be abusing the command, you will have your ability to use it revoked.

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