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Every starship pilot has access to a private insurance fund. By visiting an ATM, you're able to place credits into an insurance account that will insure your starship against twice the amount of credits in the account. Assuming you have half the worth of your ship in your insurance account, you will receive the full worth for your ship upon its destruction, essentially ensuring that your replacement ship is half off.

* Find an ATM and type: USE ATM.
* Locate the option to add to insurance fund.

You have a cargo hauler that's worth 2,000,000 credits.
You place 1,000,000 credits into your insurance fund.
Your cargo hauler gets destroyed.
You receive 2,000,000 credits and your insurance fund goes to 0 credits.

You will NOT be able to withdraw credits from your insurance fund. Once you put them into the fund, the only way to get them back is to lose a starship. Also be aware that you will not get an insurance payout if your starship is destroyed with the SELF-DESTRUCT command, even if you have enough to cover its full worth.

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