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Automated Teller Machines

use atm

Automated teller machines allow you to apply for loans, pay back debt, add to your insurance fund, and view a full account of your past transactions.

View recent transactions: Displays a list of your most recent purchases.
Request a loan: Allows you to receive a small credit loan. The maximum amount you can request at any given time is listed when you select this option.
Pay debt: Allows you to pay back any outstanding debts. You can view your debts by typing DEBT.
Add to insurance fund: Adds credits into your insurance fund. Note that you cannot withdraw credits from insurance, so be careful with how much you put there. For more information about insurance, see HELP INSURANCE.
View account status: Displays information about your current credits on hand, how much debt you have, and the current worth of your insurance fund.
View full account history: Displays a complete list of every transaction you've made since becoming a pilot.

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