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Points (Command)

points [<search term> | eligible]

Displays a list of items in the store that require points and/or combat points. In addition, the points command will tell you if you're eligible to purchase the item.

When available, special industrial dispensation is indicated in the POINTS command. If you don't have a high enough rating, the eligibility column will show the word 'no' followed by a number. This number is your dispensation rating, which is determined by how much experience you have in industrial tasks relative to the requirements for that particular item. Don't know what that means? You don't really need to. The numbers range from 0 to 9. 0 means you have no experience in the area of industrial activity and 9 means you're just about there. When your rating is high enough, the eligibility column will switch to the word 'yes' with an asterisk, indicating that you don't have sufficient combat points but you do have a high enough dispensation rating to purchase the item or upgrade. Note that the dispensation rating will only appear after you have sufficient license points.

Optional Arguments:
<search term> - Narrows the list down to names that match your search term.
Eligible - Narrows the list down to only those items to which you have the points for.

>points carrier
[Shows only menu items with carrier in the name.]

>points eligible
[Shows only menu items that you have the points to purchase.]

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