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Ship Theft

Theft of your starship is, regrettably, a fact of life in Miriani. There will always be self-proclaimed pirates and generally nasty people who thrive on relieving others of their precious ships. Fortunately, there are many ways to defend yourself!

Preventive Measures
* Drones. One of the best ways to slow an intruder down, or stop them completely, is to have drones guarding your airlock and other critical areas of your ship.
* Don't stare in space. If you're going to be away from your keyboard, land. A ship in space that isn't moving is a perfect target for theft.
* Don't let people you don't trust onto your ships. You never know their intentions.
* SET AN AUTHORIZATION CODE. Type AUTH in your control room and set a code that you will remember.
* Check your PARTY before entering your ship. You never know who joined your group when you weren't watching.

Warning Signs
* Docking. If a ship docks to yours for no reason, type UNDOCK and fly away. They're more than likely trying to crack your hatch or immobilize you.
* Moving debris. If you notice debris moving, especially moving toward you, it's likely somebody spacewalking to your ship. I'd fly away.
* Strange thuds coming from your airlock. If you hear this, it means somebody has placed an explosive on your hatch. This is where you should refer to the "So Your Ship Has Been Boarded" section.
* Salvaging a lifeform. If you salvage a lifeform, you should refer to the "So Your Ship Has Been Boarded" section. They probably aren't there for tea.

So Your Ship Has Been Boarded
* If your ship has been boarded, it's better to destroy it than let the thief have it. SELF-DESTRUCT immediately. You can always ABORT if necessary.
* If you have internal stun turrets, you can type TURRET in your control room and attempt to stun them before they reach you.
* Get out a stun gun and pulse emitter and hope for the best. You can type SWAP to quickly swap between the stun gun and pulse emitter if necessary.
* If your ship is landed, you can type BOOT. This will dump everybody out into the landing pad.
* You may stand a better chance if you hide in the ducts. Type DUCT to enter the network of ducts and crawl around. A surprise attack on the intruder might just get you your ship back.

And just remember: If they steal your ship, it's highly likely you're never getting it back. So you may as well blow it up and move on. Also remember that drones are your friend!

Stealing Ships!
Perhaps you're one of the nefarious people who thrives on stealing ships. If this is the case, you really only have one option: Crack the hatch in space. For this, you'll need to find and purchase a hatch bomb. Once you have this, you can either DOCK with your target ship, go to your airlock and USE the bomb, or you can spacewalk to the ship and USE the bomb. From there, enter the other ship and stun away!

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