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REPORT is a tool used for bug reporting only. Things you should NOT report:

* I love you.
* Suggestions/Ideas. If you REPORT your ideas, we are much more likely to skip them in favor of finding bugs. This means your idea either never gets read or it gets read and forgotten. You will find we're much more receptive to ideas that are posted on the message board.
* Communicating with hosts. If you want to talk to a host, ASSIST. Or, if you want to have a general discussion with the hosts, the Gameplay Concerns board is a good place to do this.

Also, when you report something, please try to provide as much specific information as possible. Also describe the problem the best as you can. If you're posting a log of the event, PLEASE include a description of the problem before the log. Also, please do not offer code suggestions in reports. While we appreciate your willingness to make Miriani a better place with your experiences, you do not know how our game is coded or how the systems work. Offering code suggestions is, more times than not, counterproductive. A well-written description is better than a code suggestion any day.

And finally, don't be rude. We run Miriani in our free time and, as all humans, we make mistakes. That's the point of having a report command, afterall. It helps nobody if you act disparagingly.

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