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Within Miriani, you may find that you need help that cannot be provided by questions on the general communications channel or by information contained within the help files. For times such as this, we provide HLEP.

HLEP is both a command and a group, known as the Helpful Liaisons Enacting Progress, whose goal is to ensure that Miriani runs smoothly. When you find yourself in a situation that cannot be resolved through in character means or you've encountered a bug that needs immediate attention, type HLEP (or ASSIST.).

Do not assist on any matters that you can handle yourself. If, however, you have come across a bug that makes you unable to continue your actions, please assist. Any bug that is not serious, such as a salvage container that won't break upon dropping it, would be better taken care of by REPORTing it to us. It is also alright to assist to ask any questions about policies or the game itself. However, it is not okay to assist to ask information about any other characters or for any unfair help. Please do not cancel and assist again repeatedly. If we're not responding, we're not ignoring you, we're just not available or there is nobody around who is qualified to answer your specific question. Do not assist about any subjects that you have already gotten an answer on, for example if we tell you it is not okay for you to get a second character, it is still not okay.

If you're assisting to report a policy violation, please ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the policy that you're reporting. A few common examples of things that do not violate policy and should not be assisted about are: in-game "bullying", being stunned for less than 6 hours, being insulted over the communicator, or losing a starship through in-character means.

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