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Miriani has an extensive selection of customizable options that enable you to play the game the way you want to. There are several categories of options, all of which can be accessed from the OPTIONS menu. Alternatively, each individual category of option can also be accessed by typing the category name followed by a dash and the letter 'o' (e.g. ROOM-O). Most can also be shortened, such as GEN-O instead of GENERAL-O.

If you know the name (or number) of a specific option in a category, you can skip the menu by providing part of the option name or the option's number as an argument to the command. If you wanted to enable MCP Keep_Alive, for instance, you might type GEN-O MCP or GEN-O 2.

Every option available is documented by name, so if you encounter an option you don't understand you can simply type HELP <option name> to learn about it. Additionally, selecting the option will display some text about what just changed. Some option categories have their own help files, such as color options, so it may also be of benefit to check if the category has a help file (e.g. HELP COLOR OPTIONS).

If you don't remember which category an option is found under, you can use the OPTION-SEARCH command. Just type part of an option name and it will tell you which category it can be found under. For example: OPTION-SEARCH condense

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