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Color Options

You can access a variety of color options by typing COLOR-OPTIONS. That's color dash options. The following is a detailed account of what the various options mean:

Toggle ANSI Color
This will enable or disable the ability to see things in color. Note that this requires an ANSI enabled MOO client, such as VMoo or tkMOO-light.

Color Starmap Symbols
This colors the symbols on the starmap. A red planet has a hostile environment, green is safe, stars are yellow, etc.

Color Room Title
This will allow you to apply a color to all room titles.

Color Exits
This option colors the line "You can go north." with whatever color you choose, which allows you to easily differentiate exits from the room's description.

Color General Communications
This option will allow you to apply a color to the text "[General Communication]"

Color Alliance Communications
This allows you to color alliance transmissions. "[Commonwealth | Channel 1]" for example.

Color Private Communications
This option will color the private communication notice "[Private | Albori Sninvel]"

Color Speech
This option allows you to apply color to anything that is said, making it easy to see when things are said amidst the spam of life.

Color Transmissions
Unlike the above options, this will color the actual transmission. So if somebody were to transmit "[General Communication] Pim Martin transmits, "I like cheese."" you would see [General Communication] in one color and "I like cheese." in another.

Color Damage Report
When enabled, the damage report will color destroyed components gray, undamaged components green, moderately damaged components yellow, and extremely damaged components red.

Color Flight Control
This will color the line "A red flight control scanner announces", allowing you to pick flight control transmissions out of the spam.

Color Followers
This will apply a color to the line that indicates who is following you. This allows you to always be aware when somebody joins your group.

Color Metafrequency Communicators
This option will color the line "[Frequency 1.0]" in metafrequency communications.

Color Spatial Object Detection Alerts
This option will color alerts such as "The starship reports the presence of an artifact."

Color Alliances on @who
This option will display different colors in @who based on alliance. For example, AIE members will show blue, Commonwealth members cyan, and Hale members gray.

Color Newbie Channel
This option will allow you to apply color to the text "[Newbie]" when a newbie transmission is sent.

Color Camera Output
This option applies color to the location identifier of internal stun turret cameras. For example, if you have a turret in your airlock and want the text green, it would color the text "[Airlock]". This also applies to battlecruiser external cameras.

Color Organization Channel
This option will color your private organization channel identifier when a message is transmitted.

Color Short-range Communications
This option colors the line "[Short-Range Communication]" when you receive such a transmission.

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