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Look Options

When you type LOOK, you are presented with several pieces of information. The room title, the room description, ships, players, room contents, and obvious exits. The LOOK-OPTIONS command allows you to change the order in which this information is displayed or, if desired, remove a piece of information.

When you type LOOK-OPTIONS, you are presented with the available look options and the current look options. The available options is the default configuration and is there simply to show you what you have to choose from. The current look options is what you currently have your look command configured to display, and in what order.

To change the order of the look command, or to remove elements, press 1 to change options. It will ask you to input, one at a time, the elements that you wish to display in the look command. Let's say that you wish you could display the people in the room before the description. And we'll also assume that you think it's pointless to see unpowered starships. In this example, we will input the following options (the list of things we want to see and the order in which we see them):

Powered Ships
Sleeping Players

From now on, you will see players below the room title when you look.

If you make a mistake and want to revert to the default configuration, choose option 2, which will reset your options.

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