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Gag Options

Being a text based game, Miriani is often subject to what some may feel as extraneous output. For example, you may not find it necessary to see people eating and drinking all of the time. For this reason, we provide gag options.

GAG-O - Displays the available options. You then choose the number you desire.

Options Explained:
Eating messages - You will no longer see people eating food. Example: "Albori lifts an enchilada to his mouth and takes a bite."

Drinking messages - You will no longer see people drinking. Example: "Albori takes a sip from a mug of green tea."

Dropping plates/cups - You will not see when people dispose of empty plates and cups. Example: "Albori glances at a white plate for a moment before deciding that it's hardly worth keeping. With that in mind, he hurls it to the ground, where it shatters into several pieces.

Pets following people - You will not see when pets and mounts follow people. Instead, you will only see players, droids, drones, and objects that are actually relevant to gameplay. Example: "Baka the droid, Merugle, a frog named Tim, a medical drone, and a pony follow Albori into the area." With this option enabled, you will only see: "Baka the droid, Merugle, and a medical drone follow Albori into the area."

Station Defense Laser - You will not see when the laser fires on planets and stations. Example: "A distant whirring noise can be heard as the station's laser aligns itself, followed by a faint pulse as it fires."

Landing paint notifications - Some starships have had their hull painted. When these starships land, you receive a message indicating that the ship is of particular interest. With this option gagged, you will not be notified of paint.

Unique Planet Landing Messages - Some planets have customized landing messages to add flavor. This option ignores those messages.

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