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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • Fixed a logic error that made it impossible for private planet blueprints to be expanded.


  • Made a few back end changes to battlecruiser/eviscerator licenses.
  • Fixed a logic error where custom items in blueprints would be destroyed irrevocably if the blueprint compression task ran while you were carrying the simulator (either in your hands or otherwise). Thanks goes to Mitchell for tracking this down.


  • The secho command can now be used with roundtime and stun time.
  • Corrected an oversight that caused ships to complete a self-destruct after being destroyed by other means if conditions were right.


  • Added a spell check option for newbie channel messages.
  • You can now SORT the contents of closets.


  • Added 'Paranoid Reply Mode' (COMM-O 21), which will give you a confirmation prompt if using the REPLY command up to 3 seconds after someone has sent you a private transmission.


  • Passengers will no longer request to go to aquatic planets.


  • Giving a pulsed droid its remote no longer disables remote mode.


  • Fixed a bug that caused archaeology site rooms to be flagged as indoors.


  • The task that lands empty newbie ships will now ignore newbie ships with outbound atmospheric salvagers.


  • Vanity mirror things will now display how your hair will appear prior to going through with the styling.
  • Metafrequency communicators will now apply default filters prior to parsing for socials, instead of after. This means that sending something like "LOL" or "Laughs" will now translate properly into its social equivalent. (Except on channel 500.0.)

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