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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Asteroid surface rooms will now always be flagged as outdoors.


  • Modified how matching works in the MAP and WALK commands to return better results when multiple potential matches are found.


  • The WALK command for setting your walk style has been renamed to WALK-STYLE.
  • Added a WALK <destination> command to walk to a mappable location. See message board post 88590 in OOC / Announcements for more details.


  • Added a Distance Format' option to the Navigational Information Retention Program that will toggle between showing distances in sectors or lightyears.


  • Removed the roundtime that happens if you try to enter a ship too quickly after exiting another one.
  • Assists can now be voluntarily paused by typing ASSIST PAUSE. Similarly, ASSIST RESUME will put you back at the end of the queue.


  • Fixed a bug where ROOM-OPTIONS 22 (Display Outdoors Status in Room Title) would occasionally report incorrect information.
  • Uncharted planet rooms will now always be flagged as outdoors.
  • Fixed a bug where spaceport weapon jamming would mysteriously stop droids from firing in starships that were in the vicinity of the spaceport.
  • Spaceport weapon jamming no longer stops droids or drones from firing healing shots.
  • You can no longer finish making or duplicating starship keys if you are moved away from the starship store or stunned.
  • Increased the charge of fighters to 9 hours and runabouts to 12 hours.
  • Lore computers will now notify you that there's no one in the room to show images to instead of angrily spitting out a horrific error.


  • Fixed a bug where one-time walkstyles would refuse to work when attempting to move into an airlock from the ship if the connecting room wasn't a control room. (I.e. battlecruisers, expeditioners, and others).


  • Fixed more ammunition storage container bugs: Loading pulse energy packs now stacks correctly, unloading and reloading different shots goes to the appropriate stack now, the DUMP command is now aware of stacking, and only one person can unload a container at a time now.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to remove a spacesuit thruster in space would fail with an error message but still leave you unable to move in space.
  • Potentially fixed NAVI being interrupted for seemingly no good reason. Please continue to REPORT if that's a lie!
  • Added a soundpack hook for emotes with stripped quoted substrings. See board post 88355 and HELP SOUNDPACK HOOKS if you're an interested developer.


  • Fixed a bug in ammunition storage containers that allowed you to reset the shot count of nearly depleted ammunition. Similarly, UNLOAD <container> now shows the shot count and how many are loaded in the container.


  • Added SAY history under the HISTORY command. This will show the last 10 says your character has heard, and will be cleared on disconnection.
  • Added a few more rooms to Desolo to facilitate the erection of housing.

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