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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

    ... for stuff we actually remember to document. Showing 10 days of changes:

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  • Fans no longer throw phantom messages at players who are no longer in a room with them when being turned on and off.
  • Updated HELP DONATING to reflect the times. We're going to join 2017 eventually. We promise.


  • The Tethys decontamination chamber no longer teleports you from two or more rooms away should you move before it allows you to enter.


  • Reinstated in-MOO Twitter support. Game changes and other important information will once again be posted to our Twitter, which is viewable at


  • Removed an unnecessary comma from stun weapon unloading. Sorry, all you soundpack users out there.


  • You can now set a NOTIFICATION for when the starship arrives at the border of local space (50 LY).


  • For all you fancy Michael Buble wannabes out there, you can now CROON. Thank us later.


  • The time it takes for tradesman items to appear on the Empanda adoption menu has been changed from one hour to six months.


  • You can now specify a menu number or option name to the MENU command in the Pax Private Organization Center. (e.g. MENU TITHE or MENU 20)


  • The auction terminal now asks you to confirm the information you enter before starting an auction.


  • Fixed a bug where trading centers would allow you to purchase more than their supply.
  • Buying things with no supply in trading centers now fails outright instead of trying to buy 0 units.
  • Added appropriate supply and demand to produce relativity drives in trading centers.
  • Similarly, droid components also have what they need to be constructed.
  • Grouped room poses now support object matching (similar in syntax to normal room poses). Couple of caveats in board post 88151.
  • Fixed a bug where ferries would sometimes get stuck forever.

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